Purina In Talks To Purchase Champion Pet Food – Acana & Orijen

Purina In Talks To Purchase Champion Pet Food – Acana & Orijen


Purina In Talks To Purchase Champion Pet Food – Acana & Orijen

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  1. Purina isnt that bad. Purina is rather transparent with their issues. Stop fear mongering. Legumes in foods like acana and orijen have been linked in scientific studies to cause liver and kidney issues. Corn and soy and potatoes may not be perfect but they dont raise the risk of intestinal bleeding.

  2. I feed my dogs home cooked balanced diet. Raw feeding is not just feasible in where I live. We can’t find quality meat here. There is nothing sorta ‘free range ‘, ‘grass fed’ types. They are all fed the same food. They are butchered only when the customers are in line. There is no treatment process or anything.

  3. All crap kibble companies. If you have a brain and love your dog you wouldn’t feed it this sheet. Raw has changed my dogs life in every way. Firm poops, super shiny coat & teeth, less fat, more muscle, allergic issues gone. Pretty packaging and marketing is so misleading.

  4. Why is Purina buying all the great dog food companies SMH they also bought Castor and Pollux I had to switch to Fromm I will NEVER feed my dogs Purina dog products PURINA is GARBAGE!

  5. The quality of the kibble will not just go downhill, but go all the way down to hell. This is the stupidest move by Orijen!! I don’t understand why they would do this if they have a great customer base. Purina is GARBAGE!!!!

  6. I know that both orijen and acana are NOW manufactured in Kentucky and no longer manufactured in Canada by Champion. Does anyone know if Purina was or is in talks to purchase Champion or purchase the orijen and acana brands? My assumption was these brands ditched Champion as their manufacturer by moving their operations to Kentucky so that a take over of Champion by Purina would not effect them. Can anyone update?

    Also, there are some product reviews who claim that the Kentucky products (orijen and acana) are not as good as what had previously been manufactured in Canada.

  7. If your food so good why are you selling it to pure Rena I mean look at this millennial on there who doesn’t know shit from shine Ola about pet food and that’s what you got is your spokesman give me a break. This whole litany of phenomenal advertising is there because you were exposed by Cornucopia go home and go to bed sunny

  8. Orijen ist absulut das beste,gesündeste u.artgerechtes Futter,was es für Hunde u.Katzen gibt,und das beste,gesündeste was aufem Markt ist!!!Danach kommt dann aber Acana,das Acana ist ebenfalls ein sehr gutes Futter, Orijen ist noch etwas besser,aber dann kommt das Acana Futter!!!Wir füttern seid 7Jahren das Orijen,und sind mehr wie super zufrieden damit,manchmal bekommt sie auch Acana,aber meistens nehmen wir Orijen!!!Sie wunderschönes glänzendes Fell,super gesunde Haut, klare Augen,keine Magen Darm Probleme,kaum Gelenk Probleme,keine Allergien mehr,super Blutwerte super Organ Werte,der Output ist super nicht mehr wie 1_2mal am Tag und das sind kleine Haufen!!!Wir können jedem nur das Orijen u.Acana empfehlen!!!

  9. Are there enough studies prove that raw is the way to go? I know people say that raw is what is natural for the dog but then again, we talking about domestic dogs not wild. I remember the hype around grain free initially but after a few years and once enough data started to surface, then we heard about cardio issues. Just a concern I have about raw.

  10. well that never happen champion pet food remain and will remain champion pet food located in bc Canada ( Original ) , Orijen made in Kentucky not the same, Purina can dream on

  11. Orijen was entirely made in Canada up until a few years ago, and even then with the switch to Kentucky, the quality did go down a little bit but not that much.

  12. Champion has already commented and stated they will NOT sell their company & won’t even meet with anyone interested in buying their company. Here’s a link to a statement from the company, posted July 2, 2018: https://www.facebook.com/ChampionPetfoods/posts/1702844509793882

    They later went on to say, "Champion Petfoods is not involved in any acquisition or merger discussions and is simply not for sale at this time. In fact, Champion is declining to meet with companies that may express interest. Simply stated, Champion is currently not for sale and we urge you to ignore any rumors to the contrary."

    I feel bad for all of the people taking videos like this at face value, instead of doing their own research to find out if the rumor is actually true. It’s important to know when things like this happen, but it’s also important to mention that it’s a rumor explicitly denied by Champion.

  13. Lol. I feed acana to my dog. I switch between the different proteins so she doesn’t get bored. They have human grade grass fed livestock and cage free chicken. Her digestive is a lot better than when I fed her a high quality local raw diet.

  14. Dog dad, orijen has been my favorite dog food for many many years now, I read that there’s a law suit filed against them due to high levels of metals in their food. Have you heard anything about that ??? Also, I want to start feeding my dogs on a raw diet slowly, for now what other dog foods Brand is the healthiest / best in your opinion ??? I have 5 big dogs, my kids …

  15. I was just about to buy a bag of orijin dog food as it seemed a pretty good brand. My dog is on two brands right now, canagen and taste of the wild but they dont have much meat content so ive decided to switch to a "better" brand. Ive only heard about raw feeding now and hope to start feeding my dog raw soon but its hard because in my country there are lots of diseases and even worms in raw meat, and I dont want my dog getting sick. Would you recommend me to try a different brand or do you think orijin is still good? and what do you think about my raw feeding situation. I would be really happy for some advice.

  16. I’ve been trying to convince my family to do raw food diet but they won’t do it they think it will make us sick…any tips on preparing raw food clean? Thanks!

  17. i tried Acana with my dog. she loved it for the first four days. then she wouldnt touch it. i now have her on Fromm. she loves it.

  18. Oh dear this is not good news although my dog never touched these toxic food even if I treat him I roll mince full fat in small balls and feed him or cheese sticks.

  19. If fucking Purina takes ovet Orijen…..my Canadian company i swear i will stop buying IMMEDIATELY. Purina has no desire to keep up the high standards of Orijen and Acana. They will simply profit off of Orijens hard won reputation.

  20. I work for a pet store
    Champion products are our best sellers and what brings customers in, I’m terrified of this going through. Dropping their products are unfortunately not a possibility because it brings in the most revenue

  21. Any updates on this lawsuit? I am one of those who has to do the balance approach for now.. I tried full raw but one of my dogs did not do well at all. I have reached out for help before and you always gave great tips so thank you! So I’m starting slower and soon to one day change back to full raw but in the mean time I have been feeding Acana. Is there any better brands anyone can recommend? Is this still considered a good food after the heavy metal accusations?

  22. I’ve been feeding my dog with raw meat (beef) for almost a year, and she started to have this skin/coat issues starting from 9th months of that diet, then the ulcers appear. Does this mean the meat is processed with some chemicals on top of it or something? I’m considering to try kibble food….

  23. Thanks for a balanced viewpoint. Thank god the Internet shines a bright light on issues like these. It’s then our responsibility to make sure the info is not a hoax

  24. I just got my puppy’s first orijen bag today so this means I should return it and look for another brand or should I finish the bag and then move on to another brand what are your suggestions? Thank you so much. And what is another premium brand

  25. When Purina bought Merrick, Merrick retained autonomy of their facilities and recipes. If anything, being bought out afforded them to pay off the cost of opening their new cannery and expand their facility.
    2 Billion dollars is a lot of money. I have hope that if this goes through, which in the money hungry world we live in, it probably will, Champion will retain autonomy over their recipes and kitchens and sourcing, as well as expand their facilities. Maybe open new ones.

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