Quail Farming

Quail Farming


Features: Arnie & Shirley Morris and their large Quail egg laying operation near Ardrossan, Alberta. At the time of our visit in 2012 they had nearly 12,000 birds on the farm which allowed them to ship about 250,000 eggs weekly. The egg yoke of a Quail egg is actually bigger than the whites. The shell is harder than a chicken egg shell and you have to use a serrated knife to cut them open. They also operate a hatchery and incubator on the farm.


  1. Guy has has thousands of birds, sells hundreds of thousands of eggs, and can’t even say Co-tur-nix…wtf is going on here? Rare?? Lol well they must be, Ive never heard of a Quartinex quail…

  2. As convenient as it is to automate farming labors, it’s creepy watching any animal being forced to live in a tiny metal cage. Free range might not mean much, but it’s better than this. I wanna be grateful to nature when I eat, not quietly shamefully guiltily thinking about birds packed like cogs in a machine that have never seen the sky when there’s beautiful pasture right outside the door and no reason outside convenience to keep them stuffed in there.

  3. You can also sell quail poop for fertilizer nothing should go to waste. Make more money and good for environment.

  4. Not very fair to keep them in tight cages with their eggs on a conveyor belt but whatever makes you more money I guess

  5. Its good idea to growing of birds most of these species are vanishing in this years so please best grow them

  6. সিলেট এ যাদের ০ থেকে ৩০ দিনের কোয়েলের বাচ্ছা প্রয়োজন যোগাযোগ করুন। ০১৭২০৩৩৩৫১০
    https://youtu.be/Zjjc4374I40?t=58, জিরো দিনের বাচ্ছা ৮টাকা, ১০ দিনের বাচ্ছা ১২টাকা, ২০ দিনের বাচ্ছা ২০টাকা, ২৫ দিনের বাচ্ছা ২৫টাকা, ৩০ দিনের বাচ্ছা ৩০টাকা, ডিমের পাখি ৪৫দিনের ৪৫টাকা, খামার প্রতিষ্ঠার জন্য সব ধরনের তথ্য সাপোর্ট পাবেন।

  7. That breed is not rare its actually the more common breed of quail you can order fertile hatching eggs off ebay

  8. Sad to see this. I’m planning to raise quail, but they will have far more room to run around than this, and they will be able to go outdoors.

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