1. Kya tum woolen clothes Mein kaise banate hain vah Bata sakti ho please Bata Dungi to bahut hi Achcha rahega Mera Kya Main Kisi Aur se thank you bye bye Tata and Si UN namaskar

  2. Mdm tight h bht dum ghut jayega uska rabbits bol ni skte to kuch bhi pehna do,, apko koi baby tshirt pehnani chaiye

  3. Pls dont make the rabbit lay on its back it may give them shock and they are not human babies to do that and it’s fucking tight I hope the rabbit is not suffering but the idea of making cloth was good though your behavior towards a bunny is totally not good ☹️☹️

  4. It’s so pathetic and dont you know that bunnies should be comfortable and it would be so tight to bunny
    And also cant you edit the video if you can’t better not make these videos

  5. Looking super duper cute and hello and I am Anamika Singh and I like your channel subscribe your channel and I have to do a long page because I love to talk what are you doing in Corona virus what you are doing in the at walking at your balcony I know very much English because I am 10 years old too much English teacher is very strict at the English I am bored at English because English English English always English talk in Hindi for Bengali yes you’re talking in Hindi Hindi the one thing used and the second thing is English and too much English in the world I don’t think we have only Sanskrit Hindi and music class Music class in Hindi name English yes only three things are saved in my school because my school is Central Academy School yes I am a CBSE board school so yes CBSE boards not know very English so I am in Hindi medium I want know Hindi but I don’t know very much Hindi I can only talk in Hindi not write in Hindi or not reading in Hindi yes is head down because it is up at this me so I don’t know Hindi this is very in Hindi this is very weird because I am in I am Indian and I only can talk in Hindi not wait Hindi and not friends because they make fun of me I like English I can talk English words in the flymars language you speak English anyway you go you have to talking English you don’t know that Japanese and you and you don’t do Japanese English don’t work there but you anywhere you can only Chinese type of Syndicate King Kong Hindi that type of they are in the Japanese in the Chinese yes only English lines were you goes you can and this is the this is the wonderful thing you know English and bye bye see bye bye namaskar

  6. You are harassing the little rabbit. Such a waste of time. U should make a more comfortable cloth for this rabbit.
    Useless video.

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