RAT DIET 101 | What should you feed your Rats?

RAT DIET 101 | What should you feed your Rats?

This is a highly requested video, and I’m hoping I covered everything! From what to feed your rats, to when, and how you should feed them!

⭐ Links mentioned ⭐:


The Scuttling Gourmet

Isamu Rats: https://bit.ly/2Qy5eoU
Safe & unsafe food for rats: https://bit.ly/2eSRoGJ
Foraging toys video: https://bit.ly/2Uny09J

⭐ Time stamps ⭐:
Main diet: 2:24
Store bought nuggets: 2:40
Store bought mixes: 5:35
Homemade mixes: 7:20
Fruit and Vegetables: 10:18
Treats: 10:57
How often should you feed rats: 11:49
How should you feed rats: 13:21

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  1. I am desperate for your help!! Tonight I woke up to a rat on my face and realized one of my rats ex capes the cage!! I don’t have any other cages what do I do?!?!?

  2. I’m getting rats and I’m having a hard time on finding a food mix for them I can’t make my own as i am young and don’t think my mum would allow it and I don’t think I would put the right amount of stuff in it so can u recommend any store bought I live in the uk and they will still get fruit and vegetables

  3. my daughter fed her Rats most of everything..cheese, bread, pasta cooked etc, they loved it all and after her having rexcued them in a bad state, their coats became sleak and shiny, they didn’t loose so much hair and they lived until their time was up naturally. They had basic daily dried food, but much of their diet was fresh.

  4. burgess is the absolutely best food i can find here in south africa for rats so if i make sure to feed my rats extra protein by giving them chicken and eggs do you think it will be fine?

  5. This is really helpful. I was feeding my rats pets at home nuggets untill I saw this and now I have a good homemade mix.this is the best video out there for rat diet. Thank u so much

  6. Hopefully you read this but how do you know how much to feed them everyday? Or how much times a day in what amounts. I’m looking to get them soon!!

  7. I’m doing more research, but in your opinion could rats do good with gluten free foods? I only ask because I have diagnosed Celiac Disease. Would whole grains like brown rice pasta be good enough, or a mixed grain pasta?

  8. I am getting rats soon and I have a question, is the Peter’s rat and mouse meat lovers food good for rats? Thank you!

  9. I know this video is old now but hey ho lol.. I used to feed my rats a lab block type nugget which a fairly large square nuggets that have a nice balance of nutrition just in smaller amounts so the idea is to supplement along with it.. they had the lab blocks in a dish and would help themselves (my rats chose to never over eat) and I’d sprinkle some dry mix around their living space and then in the evening a good bowl full of fresh fruits and vegetables and occasionally some unseasoned meat

  10. something about banana chips and dried fruit chips in general; they get a sugar water wash to prevent browning so they have more sugar than the base banana. just something to remember

  11. You can not give rats hay it can kill them so please don’t I think I saw it in your mix if I am mistaken I’m sorry but if so do not feed it to them

  12. I need a daily idea of what to feed every day in the morning and night and what you do I have never had a rat i need help

  13. With the nuggets, should i scatter them around the cage then? I don’t usually keep refilling their bowl and I have foraging toys and stuff in the cage as well. I would be more than happy to scatter feed them of course-just wondering if they will touch it if I scatter it? Lazy boys!

  14. Thank you so much, I’ve been giving them a small bowl of fruits and veggies every morning, but I never put to much.

  15. Hey I’m fine with rats. ^^ I’ve owned rats for a couple years now. I’ll admit I need to improve the cages but that part is kinda out my control for The time being but it’s getting better. But I am gonna get mice when my hamster dies. As sad as this is it’s the circle of life. But I’ve owned two hamster and I’ve found they’re not really great for me at the moment. I can look after the one I have at the moment I do love her off course I love her ^^ but when she does die I wanna own rats and she’s 2 years old now and unfortunately is store brought so I don’t have much hope she has long left. And so I’m starting to research in mice now so I make close to no mistakes. I am planning on getting a single male first just so I won’t need to buy multiple of everything for money reasons. I may get the Barney cage but I still wanna research into that. But one thing I still need to find out is mouse diets. So you if have a video on that please can I have a link? 🙂 also any other links to useful resources and toys that he’ll enjoy ^^

  16. lol my rats have a regular diet but umm my channel says other wise. lol i give people ideas of what other things rats can eat lol

  17. Im getting a pet rat monday hiding it from my parents I do have a 5 gallon fish tank and Yes I will need to keep it in a drawer for the day but at night it can come out I will probably give it a LED light in the drawer so it can see but yeah not the most ideal home but theres no other way I can hide her and im pretty sure they sleep during the day so its fine ill give it a little place to hide and snuggle

  18. I use a mix because my rats eat everything they don’t pick anything out but I also give them fresh fruits and vegetables everyday

  19. I don’t have rats but I found this video to be really informative! Its never weird learning about different animals/pets that people want have! I found this video really nice and interesting 🙂

  20. I hope to have Chinese subtitles, I can’t understand English. There are few videos about pet rats in Taiwan

  21. I just gout my first rats two weeks ago and I’m researching everything I can! For snacks mine like clover and dandelion leaves and wild raspberries.

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