Raw Dog Food UK

Raw Dog Food UK

A insight into feeding my dogs BARF/raw mince meat dog food.

I buy Bulmers chicken and liver, other meats are available but I’ve found my dogs are happiest on this.

Dogs are 2 Springadors (Labrador cross Springer Spaniel) and a rescue terrier cross spaniel.

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  1. People don’t or cant give their dogs access to different grasses either which makes a huge difference! If they have a chance to get outside in a field with long grass and they have any complaints because of a crap diet that they are getting from a tin or a dry food, they can naturally seek out the kind of grass they need to make them better and also to give them any vitamins or minerals they may be lacking !? Animals in the wild do not get cancer. They they find a source of B17 which they instinctively know they need and they also know which grass is to eat to find it. In the wild dogs or bears or foxes kill and eat other animals to survive. They would naturally eat the pancreas of whatever they had killed… which stores B17 !! Laetrile and Amygdalin are also names for what this cancer killing vitamin is called. It can also be extracted from apricot pits and apple pips cherry pits and and many raw foods fruits and vegetables mostly dark green or purple are the ones that contain this vitamin. It’s it’s one of the things that we all need need to fight off any cancer that may be growing within us it’s just a shame that the pharmaceutical industry and and the colleges that teach young doctors and nurses do not recognise the importance of proper nutrition to fight cancer!? I only found all this out 2 years ago go when I lost my mum to lung cancer which within a short time(3 weeks) had spread all over her body after she accepted the radiotherapy they offered her. It literally destroyed the last of her immune system and killed her within a few weeks! I kept her alive for a few months on raw garlic, apple cider vinegar and a raw smoothie diet which she was drinking everyday. As soon as she had the radiotherapy however two tumours that she had turned into 12 in 3 days?? It’s all about nutrition and exercise!

  2. I have a large 3 year old dogue de bordeaux that weighs around 60kg, he is very muscular in his legs and shoulders but I little thin around the waste since he had an operation to remove 15cm of his intestine and I have tried all sorts of dry foods to build him up again but he doesn’t seem to put any weight on, so I have been thinking about trying him on raw food, he is not very active and loves to just sleep and be lazy and he normally just grazes and picks at his food throughout the day, he usually has around 1kg of dry food per day, what would you recommend for him and how much would you give him per day

  3. You’re lucky to have bulmers near you, it’s going to cost me three times as much, here in the south east.

  4. 75 pence now.70 pence bought in bulk.Being a great believer in science I do add supplements only because I don’t always get the feeding quite right with fresh food.

  5. You make me laugh when you call your lab a blonde dog!! I don’t know what I would call him you can’t really call them palomino can you??

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