Dogs are biologically designed to eat raw meat.
We have been feeding Zazu and Walle a raw food diet for a couple of months now. There is just so much information out there! We only want the best for our babies and continue to update and improve their diet.

From all the research we have done on raw food diets it has always proved to have done wonders for a dogs overall health.

Some benefits are healthy skin, shiny coats, cleaner teeth, higher energy levels, smaller stools.

How much does a raw food diet cost for us? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKROB0arDl0

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  1. Chicken bones are very unsafe for dogs to eat. They get very sharp when broken and can cause a puncture or tear internally

  2. My dog has been eating raw for 3.5 years. I try to give variety between chicken, beef, pork and occasionally duck goat turkey… but lately he won’t eat pork or turkey and when he eats beef and chicken he is eating more than he is supposed to(2-3% of weight) plus he no longer likes vegetables. 🙁

  3. 6:37 I’m not a raw expert and I am a dog owner. But wouldn’t putting the raw thigh and gizzard together cause cross-contamination? Just learning more about this raw diet for dogs.

  4. morons ur killing those lovely dogs with ur preposterous diets…. learn first then act next……..

  5. I come home from college after a hectic schedule from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and these guys just refresh my mind. Love you Zazu and Walle.

  6. Plant foods are no good for dogs! Antinutrients in plant foods (such as oxalates, etc. for example) bring about major issues! They need certain ratios of raw meat, organs and bone!

  7. What are your average food costs per month, for the two babies? I really want to do this for my GSP!
    Also, do we need to add anymore nutrients and maybe dog food vitamins for dogs who hunt? We actually hunt our GSP, so he can run up to 60+ miles in an all day hunt.

  8. Okay, no hate. Great diet! But why do you have to crack the egg like that? I know you are holding a camera but you get yolk all over your hands… I mean I guess your hands already need to be washed (obviously) but just… Why? Just crack it fully and then crush the shell! Great video! Your dogs are so cute!

  9. I started feeding my dogs a raw meat diet about 6 years ago. My Boston Terrier dog died at the age of 18+ about six months ago. I have another Boston that is about 12 years old and he is doing fine. I got another dog about 4 months ago and she really loves her new diet. In addition to the raw meat, they get beef Kidney, chicken livers and raw chicken bone. Also I add a tablespoon of canned pumpkin and squirt of salmon oil daily.

  10. Thnx for the vid. I’ve got 3 greyhounds..we freeze the bones and meat first..for 3 days. then defrost for a day in the fridge..this is very important.. Did I miss that part in the video? Was your meat frozen at all(40 pound chicken)?

  11. hii,

    i think dog, since it is from wolf, should be eating raw which will be their nature.. should be healthier as well.. but.. here comes the question:

    if a livestock guardian dog allowed to eat raw chicken meat ? will they behave as guardian dog in the field or will slowly eat off all livestock that it suppose to be guarding ?

    my grandma told me that dog are not suppose to taste raw meat and blood, else it will eat chicken raw.. i do believe that .. i used to have dog that eat my chicken slowly until by the time i realized, 5 chickens were gone.

    also, is there any proper scientific test of chicken eating raw food and cooked food of the same.. just to compare if it is beneficial to the dog or not..


  12. Hey instead of putting full capsule of fish oil open it up & spread the oil around the food they like the smell & the taste of the oil inside the capsule

  13. With this diet have you experienced any itching with your dogs? I give mine this diet and she itches under her leg. This started after I took her to a place where there was grass and she caught some fleas, I showered her with flea shampoo but she still itches. I wonder if its because of the diet or the fleas.

  14. Remember that feeding raw requires a TON OF RESEARCH. You should always look up multiple recipes for raw food and take from the ingredients depending on your dogs nutritional requirement. VARIETY is key in making your own raw food. Meat, liver, bone, sardines/cod liver oil, a dog safe fruit, a dog safe vegetable, and kelp are the things you should build off of in your dogs diet. Does your dog need intestinal support? Add pumpkin, cranberries, or a high-quality dog probiotic. Does your dog have arthritis? Try golden paste (turmeric, ginger root powder, water, and a bit of black pepper to increase the bioavailability of the ingredients). I could go on forever, but the point is research is KEY to a raw diet. If you get sick from the food you are feeding your dog, it’s your fault. Use an OraPup after feeding your dog to get rid of bacteria on their tongue. When preparing raw food, put on latex gloves so that you won’t get sick from the raw meat. To be extra safe, put on a surgical mask. Wipe down the area that you prepared the food on with wipes that are antibacterial and anti-fungal. I’ve fed my dog raw for nearly a year, and he is better than ever.

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