Please always do your research before bringing a pet home. They don’t choose to live with you, they don’t choose how they’re kept. when you own a pet it is your responsibility to give them the correct care, so they can have the good life that they deserve. If you’re ever unsure about pet care, don’t be afraid to ask. there are plenty of people out there who are willing to help you.

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  1. Its not always the petstore’s fault
    Some people are arrogant and insist on choosing "cheap" and "easy"

    Working for a petstore is a challenge sometimes because people always want to buy the tiny cheap care options when we try to recomend the better options most ignore us…

    If they cant pay the money for proper value care then they shouldn’t have a pet…

    Sometimes we have to decline animal sales and ban some people from buying animals… we recently had people who tried to steal an animal and came back the next day with a sortof get away plan. Luckly both attempts were foiled.

    Im sure some petstores sell more than give guidance and those places should be taken down…

  2. There was a critter trail on Craigslist and they said that they housed 3 ADULT MICE in it with “plenty of space” for several years. It’s the sad reality for too many animals.

  3. The rabbit one made me so sad because I see this all the time. I have two rabbits and they have their own bedroom.

  4. i bought a hamster and the pet store and they told me to put her in the critter trail obstacle coarse for a syrian!!!!! later i did buy that cage for a travel cage! she and the other hamster got moved into a 40. gallon bin cage each hamster

  5. Watching these kinds of videos makes me feel like a better person lol. My mini rex is free roam, but does spend about 10 hrs a day in a cage when I work. However, that cage is 5ft by 3 ft and 2 stories tall. So she has plenty of room to run around with toys and houses to play in. 🙂

  6. video actually starts at the 4:15 mark. You’re welcome. And OMG watching that poor hamster in that RIDICULOUSLY tiny wheel made my back ache. HOW he has not snapped his spine yet, is beyond me. Especially with that pole jutting through the middle of the wheel.

  7. My ex friend has a 360 cage from kaytee. I wanna tell her soo bad to change her cage. But she thinks it’s “fine”

  8. Ferrets can definitely be kept outside but in a hutch not a cage in England we keep ferrets out side but we mostly use them for hunting iknow a lot of Americans keep them inside in cages my only problem with that is ferrets stink so your house will smell build a good hutch and keep them outside

  9. Super late, but ferrets can be kept outside but that cage isn’t predator safe at all. They need to be kept either in a hutch or a shed with some form of base and it needs to be a slow introduction from spring till winter. They need a much bigger cage than what they’re provided in that ferret add. That ferret looks stressed and like it was bought in the winter and stuck outside when they couldn’t handle the smell and it’s sad

  10. the pet store told me to get like a 6 inch wheel for two syrians so we got it for them not knowing and then i researched and i took the wheel out now they have 12 inching

  11. I had a small cage for my hamster but not that small, I soon saved up my money quick and bought him a bigger one

  12. (me seeing people throwing puppies in the trash on tv(big inhale)(gets knife)(goes to abusers house) hi i guess your the guy who thinks furries are trash huh? (hours later) (cop find dead body in dumpster with stab wounds everywhere)

  13. I have 3 husky,1 cat,1 albino snake,3 sharks and a ferrets.

    Yes I kept my ferrets inside but let it play in my lawn in the evening for some play time and of course under my watch.Seeing that ferrets IN A DIRTY ASS CAGE and OUTSIDE probably have a fucking HYPOTHERMIA at night making me sooooo fucking triggered.I swear to god if I see someone kept their animal like that no matter what it is I WILL KILL THE OWNER

  14. Ferrets can be outside but it’s a lot better for them to be inside, those poor ferrets must be miserable 🙁

  15. Noooo! Ferrets can not be kept outside. They need to live in a colder temperature and need a huge cage! They need to play and run a lot and that cage sucks!

  16. Ugh. Me and my 7 year old bunny Larry were watching this together he is a free roam. The rabbits broke my heart

  17. chameleons can be kept in wooden vivs as long as they have vents in there for air flow, but never in glass it so sad to see people not know how to care for their animals

  18. I had a hamster done all the research about it!he lived his whole life span.but sadly he died in 2017 but in 2018 I got a new one which I didn’t need to do my research cause I knew all about it

  19. I once rescued a wild red e as r slider it was an injured hatchling found at a construction sight and with the help of a rescue in the town I was living at I rehabilitated it and eventually had to release it he w and s a good turtle :3

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