Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Full Response to Rep. Ted Yoho | NowThis

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Full Response to Rep. Ted Yoho | NowThis

‘I am someone’s daughter, too.’ — Watch Rep. AOC’s moving floor speech in response to Rep. Ted Yoho’s sexist attack and non-apology in full.
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  1. Not that you don’t belong in America is that your the dumbest person in your district, stop playing the victim dumb dumb ,he was right calling you that

  2. You are dangerous though,
    You have the Power To Change, Write, Influence & Pass Laws….
    You are dangerous because you Represent thousands of people.

    I’m confused, you are thanking him now…..

  3. I will agree with what yoho said… she is crazy, she is out of her mind. She would like nothing more for us to be a communist state were we also live in grass huts. And what he called her is not sexist at all… and saying that you were not deeply affected by his words and then publicly making a statement about it says it did… grow up karen

  4. A glass of water with a (D) at the end of it name could of won Alexandria Cortez congressional district-Nancy Pelosi

  5. She explained herself with such grace and clear understanding of the message. Women are equal. They do not deserve being accosted, belittled,or dehumanized especially in such a place as the nation’s capital

  6. I may not share her political views, but she is 100% right on thids issue and her dignity stands in sharp contrast to yoho’s vulgarity. Yoho deserves a formal censure for this hateful misconduct unbecoming an elected official.

  7. Instead of whining about people calling you names, why don’t you actually do something for the american people..

  8. i have to admit Sandy spoke eloquently about her feeling’s. To bad she doesn’t have a clue when it come’s to politics. Freakin Socialist smh

  9. YO-HO-HO and a bottle of rum….. man, with a last name like that, he must have gotten beat up alot as a kid.

  10. Go gett’em my brilliant sister! I am a father and a single parent of beautiful young daughter who’s also serving in The United States Army. My daughter is my heart, i hope someone treats "Yohos" daughters like this, let’s see how he feels! Ms. Cortez, we love and support you our incredible young sister. God bless.

  11. young lady ,
    would you addobt me as a father & I will protect you from those gangsters, this way you don’t have to pay me any salary, but I will send you my documents and you finish the process, only I have to warn that I must follow a healthy diet to be in shape as your bodyguard

  12. i can’t believe a man like that was put in power. I’ve never heard of this man before, but he is disgusting.

  13. What a well spoken and poised woman in politics. Make her the next president if I was American I would vote for her in a heartbeat.

  14. If Biden chooses AOC for vp, will he caress and sniff her hair, or is she too old? Seems like any good democrat, he likes them younger, like 10.

  15. If this politicians feel this way about other politicians imagine what they secretly feel about the American citizens

  16. She is dangerous and crazy…if she was a man he would still be dangerous and crazy… she likes to dish out all the time…now she.plays the sexist card? What a hypocrite….being well spoken doesnt make you smart either or doesnt give you the moral highground or makes it true. Live by example dont spread hate to anyone about anyone…jew…black…republican…and then you can take the moral highground. Why dont you start by condeming the hate and the violence in the streets and the rioting and anarchy….just say stop the violence …maybe once?

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