Rescue Poor Dogs In Plastic Bags On Bike From the Dog Meat Trade

Rescue Poor Dogs In Plastic Bags On Bike From the Dog Meat Trade

Rescue Poor Dogs In Plastic Bags On Bike From the Dog Meat Trade
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someone grabbed two dogs off the streets in Tangerang, Indonesia, and tied their mouths shut, probably so the dogs wouldn’t try to bite. After that, the dogs were stuffed into mesh bags — there were small holes to stick their noses through, but it would have been hard for them to breathe.
One of the dogs stuck his tongue out to try and cool himself, but his snout was tied and he couldn’t fully open his mouth.
The bags holding the two dogs were tied together, and a man draped them over his bike. He was going to sell the dogs to a restaurant, where they’d be slaughtered for their meat, according to a Facebook post written by someone who witnessed the incident.
But thankfully, people saw what was going on — and they rescued the dogs.
Rescuers paid 500,000 IDR (about $36) to free the dogs, according to a Facebook post written by a woman involved in the rescue. As soon as the man handed the dogs over, the rescuers got them out of the bags and untied them. Then they took the dogs into foster care, where they’d remain until the rescuers found them safe, loving homes.
You can help they care for more dogs like this poor dog by donating for them by the link in bio in this video
Information Credit for all Rescuer & Donation please support them to Rescue more puppy if possible. You can contact them
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  1. How in the hell do people eat this poor soles! Savage maybe they should watch the video before the eat the poor dogs! Maybe they would give a damn! Or not!!! Thanks for the kind people that save them! I would certainly do the same if i was there!

  2. Corona is the punishment for
    Eating nearely everything
    WE should think over our behaviours
    And people who mistreat animals like that, shall go to
    Where ever the darkness is

  3. you have to be a damn and cruel person to do that with dogs they are wonderful beings rather those people have no heart

  4. Qctriste saber que esto tan duro que pasa a mis Bebes MUCHISIMASGRACIASXPOR AMARLOS y cuidarlos LOS AMOOOOO MIS AMORES

  5. Thank God for these people Who rescue these poor animals people who eat animals should be ashamed we do not have to eat animals I have been a vegetarian for 52 years Madness god bless those people who saved the dogs wish you all the luck in the world

  6. This is awful. I dont eat any. Animal or meat products. These so called humans. Nt. Should be put in sacks and dumped in the middle of a desert.wake up things need to be done now

  7. Buat yg suka makan dogy skalian tai nya kalian makan
    Atau ngk daging kalian sendiri masak trus kasi ke dogy

  8. was siñd das für monster..wo tieren das alles antun..Das ist schockierend usw…
    Danke für die rettung und liebe und hilfe…danje

  9. Harami log ye humse kuch nhi mangte q inke sath aisa karte ho salute sir apko aur apki team ko jinki vajah se ye safe hai

  10. Questo è una cosa atroce e vergognosa vedere dei poveri cuccioli messi nei sacchi con il musetto legato non riesco a capire come riescono a fare tutto questo mi fanno arrabbiare e sono innorridita

  11. 0 Eterno Soberano Deus e Jesus Cristo abençoa sua vida ricamente por ajudar esses pobres cachorros tão sofridos pelas mãos de pessoas sem coração sorte assim te desejo tudo de bom para você e sua família (Brasil).

  12. The only way such "people" learn to understand is to treat them the same way they do it to gods creature! Piece of human crap. And such "human" are begging for "donation" because they are so poor.. ya….poor of brain!! Rott in HELL!

  13. I’m not talking about The Rescuers but I’m talking about the other people who eats dogs and cats you know that’s absolutely crazy I just think that they’re from another planet but thank you very much for doing the work that you do to rescue these dogs that are in the meat market love Sasha LaMonica

  14. Вот уроды так привязать собак. Спасибо добрым людям что спасли собак

  15. oh god what the hell. i think indonesian people and gov should step up to make some law against it. other wise there is no difference between chinese and indonesian.

  16. Ini di Indonesia?
    Mereka tidak makan anjing?
    Untuk orang asing? ㅠㅠ
    Aku juga perna hilang… ㅠㅠ
    Siapa pencuri sayangku ㅠㅠ

  17. So wrong ! Why ? Are humans such monsters! I thought they made a law to stop this? It was Lisa vanderpump that fought for this, what happened? This is barbaric! And just so wrong, it breaks my heart!

  18. Das sind für mich keine Menschen, die den unschuldigen Tieren so etwas grausames antun. Und auch keine, die diese Tiere auch noch essen. Es gibt nur einen Ausweg, wenn wir eine Veränderung haben wollen und das ist vegane Ernährung.

  19. Was machen die Menschen mit dir? Wie kann man nur. ,mit Tieren so umgehen. Wann fängt die Regierung an ein neues Gesetz rauszubringen das tierqueler das Handwerk zu legen

  20. Thanks for saving their life… Why people don’t eat grand and vegetables… N chicken eggs fish this food is sufficient..for human body . Why this disgusting people eating… Cute animals … This people should be hanged …

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