Rescued Puppy Mill Dogs Get a Second Chance

Rescued Puppy Mill Dogs Get a Second Chance

In July 2014, the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cherokee County Marshal’s Office busted a huge puppy mill that had been operating in Georgia since the 1980s. All dogs and puppies were rescued from the horrific facility and were cared for at the Cherokee County Animal Shelter until they were ready for rescue or adoption. Many pregnant females gave birth shortly after the bust, and raising the final total of rescued dogs even further. The owners of the puppy mill plead guilty to 25 charges of animal cruelty and were sentenced to 25 consecutive years of probation.

This video takes you through the puppy mill bust firsthand, then shows you the day the dogs were adopted, and a very special reunion that took place one year later. Don’t support this cruelty by buying puppies from flea markets or pet stores, or online. Instead, check out your local shelter or rescue group, or find a truly responsible breeder.

Say no to puppy mills!

Puppy Mill Awareness Day is September 27, 2015.

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  1. If you wanted to genuinely do your jobs then help the owner dont steal the owners dogs then sell them yourselves. Did you reimburse the owbemmners for the value of the dogs they own?? Each one costs from 500 to can go all the way up to 10k depending o. The supply demand. You people have some nerve stealing like that and those bones looked to be cow bones. Most of the dogs appeared to be in good shape to me STEALING all of these peoples property is very wrong. Who the hell do you people really think you are? What is your purpose?? Stealing? Begging donations to go out in large trucks to steal livestock that you do not own but go give away as if you are the kings of the world nonprofit pice power terrorists?

  2. My heart is bleeding to see this animal suffer like this. The problem with this one is it knows only pure love. Poor innocent animal!

  3. It warms my heart to see all of puppys happy with good homes being played with on walks and morse heathy enviorment

  4. Why not go over to the hog farms and the dairies and tell the pig farmers that their hogs are stinky in cages? Those dogs are owned by humans are not by you people! That Siberian husky litter is likely roughly 7,8 k worth of puppies. You have stolen from the owners to pretend that you are god?

  5. That’s criminally sad but worse yet the animals that were bought there may not servive even close to their natural life expectancy and have a permanent vet bill to boot.ask me how I know?

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