Restaurant manager asks man with service dog to leave | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Restaurant manager asks man with service dog to leave | What Would You Do? | WWYD

When a man sits at a table with his service dog, the manager tells him no pets are allowed inside. She doesn’t think he needs a service dog because he looks fine. What will people say?

EDITOR’S NOTE – In a previous version of this segment we stated that service dogs were certified by the Americans with Disabilities Act. We have since revised to state that owners of service dogs are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. A visual has also been updated to more accurately reflect the subject material.


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  1. at the end when the actor said “people care” i swear my heart 🙁 it was so heartfelt and it really shows that these things do go on in the world but good always takes over evil

  2. “Looks like there is nothing wrong with you” that is a compliment and a insult at the same time if you know what I’m saying

  3. There are only two questions that you’re allowed to ask a service dog owner and that’s what tasks does the dog perform and there’s another one but I kind of forgot it oops

  4. I’m working at a restaurant my whole and my family has a restaurant, we are understandably about dog on a restaurant, but some people use a fake paper and and we asking them to show people they don’t have any thing to show. We have to understand both side.

  5. I was at the mall and a vet had a service dog and black girls were laughing at him and I said are you girls stupid or what! He fought for this country! And the Vet said you snowflakes would cry in bootcamp and you laugh at me but hate yourselves! So grow up or you might be injured to and people laugh at you! !!!

  6. Service dog: Laying on the ground silently like he’s trained to do
    People: This dirty, vicious mutt might bite someone I can’t let you have him here

  7. 3:53
    aaawww that’s so cute he’s giving the pupper a belly ruuub !
    -wait why’d the camera cut it off ??

  8. Not gonna lie I can’t agree with the manager but can sympathize since lots of people do abuse the service animals laws

  9. If I were a waitress, I would say "awe! They so cute!" And if he told me about his problem why he has a service dog, I would say "wow, I feel so sorry I hope the dog will always be there for you"

  10. I know this is acting but poor dogo he sad plus wen she said "then lock your self in your house" I would fricking tell this woman just go to school again you stupid person its disgusting some dogs might be nasty but its them people that hate them and kick them that’s how my dogs are nasty and people think rockwhlers and alot more and tiny dogs are the worst no judge but the are meaner then bugs dog its gust disgusting how people are

  11. Woman: It doesn’t *look* like anything’s wrong with him!
    Me: Well you don’t look ignorant but I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover.

  12. Emotional support animals ..this is massive abuse. service animals are different but On airplanes the size of the animals needs to be considered

  13. I have a emotional support dog and I never take him anywhere. He is not a service dog. There is a big difference and i wish ppl would get the term right. Eventually this will end up bad for all sides. You legally cannot ask what service the animal does. Soon all ppl will be required to have a liscened card which will breach HIPAA laws

  14. Are you kidding me? I’d have the manager called and the police called. This isn’t ok, discrimination isn’t ok ever it is 2020 this needs to end, it’s ridiculous. I would’ve sued.

  15. People: but how do you know if it’s a real dog…

    Me: well, a service dog is very well behaved, they always focus on their owner and listen to every command. A fake SD barks, pulls and tugs, and can even attack a real service dog

  16. I wouldn’t wanna see a person get kicked out because they have a service dog but honestly I don’t think it’s that big of a deal that someone get kicked out just because they have a service dog there is tons of other way to eat food

    Unless it is against the law then people definitely shouldn’t get kicked out because of a service animal and I would take back what I said but where I live I don’t know if that is against the law

  17. Man: he’s here for my anxiety

    The woman: it doesn’t look like there is anything wrong with you

    Me a person with social anxiety: …..
    *Intense need to pet doggo and glare at woman so she may truly see the gates of heck eyeing her down*

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