River Fishing Tips | Lures For Creek & Stream Fishing

River Fishing Tips | Lures For Creek & Stream Fishing

When it’s hot and sticky, there’s nothing better than slipping on a pair of old tennis shoes and heading down to the river. Plus, it sure is a blast to catch feisty bass! Matt from Karl’s Bait & Tackle shares some tips that will help you have a ton of fun the next time you decide to get your feet wet and chase bass and other gamefish.

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  1. *Great travel rod and reel.>>>**nub.best/qfjg** It folds easily and is pretty flexible. No problems so far, had it for about 4 months.A very well crafted product. He’s very satisfied and wishes he could go fishing even more.*

  2. For all the people trolling out there note that he is mainly giving advice. You think if he wanted to he would have caught something and put it in the video doing something called EDITING???

  3. I don’t know why anyone would allow comments on their video. No decent fisherman would leave negative comments on another person’s videos. The people who leave these comments are the ones that always have an excuse why they don’t catch any fish.

  4. Lol. No bass wants to sit in a fast current. They go upstream and find an etty. That’s why you wade upstream. Cause the retrieve of any bait is hindered when its fighting against the current. Takes a lot of the action away. But if you cast upstream, the baits will be retrieved at the speed that you want them to be retrieved at. And you can pause the lure and dead stick it while fishing upstream, it looks more realist to the bass that’s sitting in a calm pool waiting for baitfish to swim by.

  5. I guess I’m piling on, but geez, Crocs are about the worst wading shoes you could find: bad traction, no protection, no ankle support, and the strong likelihood they’ll slip off and float away in the current.

  6. Im sorry, im not an expert angler or anything but my super spidey common sense is telling me its probably more efficient to cast down stream for a nice slow retrieval against the current to kinda let the bait do its job and be effective. Casting up stream just seems for a too quick and lousy retrieval. The lure would be ineffective casting up stream in my opinion because it gets fed back to you too quickly that you cant even really put the baits into action. But what the heck do i know.. Ive only been fishing for 2 months..check out the channel lojo.fishing or something like that.. His name is lojo and i love his channel. He tests many baits, rods, reels he even gives great tips. Ive learned alot about gear from his channel and also he explains some techniques

  7. Apparently not most people fish all the time. I’ve been and caught 10 fish. Go to the same spot next year or next day and not a bite. It’s called "fishing".

  8. He wasn’t lying when he said that li spinner catches the most fish. Ive realized the baits don’t matter as much as technique. Great content

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