Safari Stan's Pet Center- Pet Store

Safari Stan's Pet Center- Pet Store

Safari Stan’s Pet Center

Safari Stan’s Pet Center™ is a local pet store that has been operating since 2013 in New Haven, CT. With a state of the art location providing you and your family with a fun hands on approach to learning about pets and their required needs.

We specialize in matching the right pet with the right person and meeting the needs of both. Whether you’re interested in taking home a puppy, kitten or maybe something a little smaller, like a bird or a small animal, we have everything you need to care for and spoil your newest family member!

In addition to our pets, we also carry the top quality brands of foods, toys, treats and accessories! Our knowledgeable and caring Pet Counselors can help you find what you’re looking for, and maybe a few things you didn’t know you needed!

Here at Safari Stan’s Pet Center, we are focused on raising the bar when it comes to animal husbandry and responsible breeding practices. Safari Stan’s Pet Center is a global leader in pushing the industry to new levels and encouraging the highest standards of pet care in our communities. We only receive our pets from responsible, compassionate pet providers and strive to find them a loving home on a daily basis!

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