SAFE vegetables for mice! | mouse care

SAFE vegetables for mice! | mouse care

Every now and again mice love to snack on some fresh veggies. But what are they allowed to have? All of the vegetables listed in this video are SAFE for mice to eat.

(For some reason I misspelled “potatoes”. Sorry about that, haha.)

This video was inspired by ChocolateColor26’s video “SAFE and UNSAFE foods for hamsters!” (Link:


  1. Very helpful video! I like the safe fruits video as well! I gave my mice a little bit of blackberry and carrot, they weren’t too fond of the blackberry, but they loved the carrot!

  2. :/ I have just recently rescued a baby mouse, and doing research, one video said no iceberg, but then this one said iceberg, I don’t highly understand at this moment. :/

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