SAVING A BETTA FISH! – Proper Betta Tank Setup

SAVING A BETTA FISH! – Proper Betta Tank Setup

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In This Video:
Today we are stetting up a new betta tank for Jeff! Betta fish are often neglected in small bowls “betta bowls” and we cant let that happen to my gf’s betta fish. Setting up a pro betta tank is super easy and wont cost a lot. Enjoy!

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  1. Uhh, why are we pretending that 2.5 gallons is ok just bc the previous one was worse??? 5 gallons IS the minimum. And also, he put big stones in a 2.5 gallon, that is a lot of swimming space gone!!! If you didn’t know, Bettas jump!

  2. If your girl doesn’t want to provide the fish a happy life it deserves than why keep the fish, I have one betta in a 36 gallon community tank and 1 in a 10 gallon with some African frogs and 1 guppy,

  3. why do so many fish channels not actually care about the fish

    allowing the betta to be in that tank at all
    no water conditioner
    not giving it a 5 gallon tank, then filling it with ornaments
    not having a lid as bettas are known to jump

  4. I have a 10 gal tank with 4 fish. 1 male betta, 1 female betta, 2 algae eaters.
    Do I need a Water filter? Is it optional? Use or don’t use?

    Also my 2 year old male betta is lethargic floats on its side still alive and will eat but something is wrong. I do have a water filter and water heater at 78 degrees shuts on and off automatically. He will eat but after a minute goes back to floating on his side?… Any ideas?

  5. Just did this for my girlfriend’s blue crown betta. He’s a little stud, and I’ve never seen a betta as happy as he is in his 5 gallon tank.

  6. Dude, you need to do a retake of when you cut the off the top rims. Kids are watching this and you’re showing them to cut towards oneself, not away! Redooo please.

  7. I had these two bettas that lived for 5 years which i saw thats how long they typically live for but the water didnt have a heater but they were fine. But now i have two new fish one male and one female. Right now the male is in a 20 gallon and the female is in a smaller one for now until i get a much bigger one.

  8. Never been happy with open top tanks in kitchens but looks good I would turn the spray bar 180o to face glass stopping surface current scape is good though well done love the content

  9. Im just curious, did you condition the water? In australia we use a water conditioner to help remove some of the chlorine from it as its not good for bettas. Also, a lid would be a good idea as bettas are known to jump put of tanks.

  10. your gf doesn’t want a betta fish, she wants a cute vase with a little thing swimming in it. Don’t get live pets if you dont wanna accomodate for their needs duh

  11. I like how many people disliked the video because they couldn’t stand the idea of putting a betta in anything more than a bowl.

  12. Anyone else have that feeling that the tank is a little over stocked with rocks and plants (though he has more space LENGTH wise but I feel like Jeff is in almost the same amount of water as he was in when he was in the bowl) and that he only changed it because a bowl isn’t something that he’s used to keeping betta fish in…

  13. Don’t worry about it since I think she knows that you know your stuff, she’s just afraid that you might have to lecture her about it. She also knows that she can trust you since she let her pet stay with you. Hope Jeff still fine today.

  14. Ppl can do their own things but not when they abuse animals.

    Good you changed that creepy Betta "bowl" in a actual tank with heater and filter.

  15. Funny story: my betta fish just die and I did proper care and the requirements sush as 5 gallon tank, tank heater, and water thermometer, and water conditioner, and water filter, and the study ammonia cycle and it die overnight just like that and the first thing YouTube recommended to me was this. Thanks, I guest?

  16. Honestly, I know this video is 3 years old and Jeff is most likely dead at this point, but both tanks were bad. The 2.5 gallon was crammed with rocks and moss balls, and by removing the rim you let it become much easier to accidentally create a burst in the tank. I’m not saying that the vase was better, far from it, but the 2.5 wasn’t much of an upgrade, either. There’s a reason people tell you 5 gallons is the minimum, y’know?

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