Second Chance Dogs

Second Chance Dogs

“Second Chance Dogs” tells the story of one facility dedicated to giving abused and neglected animals another chance. Through innovative techniques, patience, and complete commitment, the staff at the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center is moving these animals — once considered hopeless cases — from rescue to rehabilitation, and ultimately into safe and loving homes.
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  1. This was so beautiful to watch. I have got a fear of dogs after being attacked by a pack of dogs but overcame my fear for the first time after being introduced to my friends Pug about a year ago. Now I am thinking of adopting a dog and came across this. Thank you for the work that you do ❤️

  2. Why are people so shocked when they see dogs living like that but a same time give shits about the fact that almost EVERY farm animal lives in exactly those cirumstances without anyone caring? A dog full of feces in a cage? Poor doggo, lets save it! A chicken full of feces in a cage? Well, bad luck, tomorrow you are going to be killed an eaten! No animal deserves to live like that. No dog, no cat, no bunny, no chicken, no cow no nothing but most of the selfish humans cherry pick the animals that they want to feel sorry for and that is quite a terrible moral tbh…

  3. Oh gosh I love Avalon and would so much like to have a partner like her… she seems so sweet and only needs love and play to complete her… oh and food…

  4. Did you have any cases of KNAAN BREEDS and or MIX KNAANS?
    Three years ago i did rescue my MIX KNAAN breed thru FB she had a big fear of cars, busses and any kind of transportation.
    With my pationts she did come out of her unsecureness in 5 months also with my knowlege i did train her.
    Now she can detect if i have back pains before it’ll happen.
    Well she barks then asks latter then become one of their pack friends.

  5. Amazing work, thank you ladies, and thanks to anyone that can help, donate or look out and report abuse, no animal should be treated bad..

  6. I have a place lilly would fit in i would of tooke her i have a small farm with 2 choahas a rug and odopted shitsue that is nicest dog u ever meet i would of loved to adopt lilly and she would of loved it hear mom dad and are house is dog heven

  7. You guys are amazing, i wish i could do something too. But there aren’t start animals in my area. So ill just keep watching a spreading these videos. Here to help 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. So, we see Avalon and Thunder’s progress, but what happened with Tabitha? I wonder how did she do in the end. We only go to see some of her progress. I got the impression she was doing pretty well, though, so she probably was adopted, considering this movie was filmed quite a while ago. 🙂

  9. Had to subscribe ya’ll are so beautiful inside and out thank you for what yall do for these puppies where I live they need you so badly if I could raise enough to to make this happen I would do this so quickly thanks again beauty

  10. It makes me sick that a sheriff would and could shoot all those dogs like they were nothing it reminded me if a video where it was a under cover guy and he watched the owner put the dogs even puppy’s in a big container and gassed them and he didn’t take the poor dead dogs out he just through more dogs on top of the dead ones i couldn’t watch anymore it bothered me for days people need to know how horrific puppy mills are if people would stop buying from mills then they wouldn’t be killing all these dogs i will never understand people that do these horrible things to such beautiful and loving animals i hope to god karma will come around and get every single one of them!

  11. I am blown away by the charisma and beauty of the head of behavioral operations. She is like second Sharon Stone! Her passion for the job….her love for those animals….far from being an actress….Real love there. Real passion….

  12. People who breed dogs in disgusting puppy mills like that deserve to be exterminated, all of their assets liquidated, and given to people like the ones making this video.

  13. i took them all 3 from the street, trow away as pups, abandoned, one was 8 months, never saw outside a cage, never saw a toy, one tied up on a tree, 5 weeks, and one 3 months old. they are chipped, passports, everything, and they have all freedom and social here, they know rules, and behavior, but they know love, social and respect.

  14. I love your organization, and give when I can. I’d suggest everyone who can, to give because even small donations add up. That way all of us can help even though we are not near or can’t be their. Thank You 2nd Chance !

  15. I love dogs a lot I would want to help save them to help occupy my day n change n savin dogs is something I love

  16. Great work being done!!! Thanks so much to all in the world trying to help animals. My wife and I have 2 dogs and 19 cats. We started taking in rescues from a local shelter to keep them from getting put down. We had been assured we would be helped with buying litter and food but we have never had any help in this regard. We have struggled for over 2 years now paying for it all ourselves and have been unable to get any help or people to adopt any of them. They are all healthy and happy and well taken care of but at the same time we can no longer afford to take care of them since Covid19 hit and I was put off work for 9 weeks. Not sure what we are gonna have to do but looks like majority will go to a shelter. I’ve found no openings in "no kill" shelters that will take them because they are not stray or are full. It’s a shame but we dont have a choice any longer. Any suggestions or where they can go or someone willing to adopt a cat please reply to this. Thanks

  17. You are great ladies my name Linda I am pet owner I have 3 dogs all have been fixed and I have 9 cats inside and outside but I didn’t plan this but when you are know as the crazy cat lady it’s ok as my vet would say they get their shots and have been all fixed it’s a lot of money but no babies thank god I think what you all do is so great god bless you everyone of you

  18. Because of that i did train her that what’s behind her doesn’t matter.
    She’ll attack then ask latter.
    That’s from the KNAAN breed and from my lock of knowlege what was before she came in to my life.

  19. these puppy mills need to be shut down. this is criminal and imprisoned for their treatment of their behavior toward these sweet animals

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