Secret Waterslide in Cape Town with a giant dog

Secret Waterslide in Cape Town with a giant dog

Alex found a natural secret waterslide in Cape Town. Alex’s dog Havoc may be the biggest Rottweiler in the world. He’s giant and they took me on a hike in his backyard to a hidden water slide in front of Table Mountain. South Africa has tons of secret spots, and this insane natural water slide in Cape Town is a must visit if you travel here! #Giantdog #Waterslide #Earthday

Happy Earth Day 🙂
Thank you to Alex and Havoc, the biggest dog in the world!
This might not be the fastest waterslide, or the most insane, but it is super fast. Located in front of Table Mountain behind the houses of Oranjezicht, you can find trails that head towards the mountains. It also isn’t that dangerous but be careful with rocks at the bottom. Also make sure you don’t leave the water path because you can cut up your legs.

Just because a place can be dangerous, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go

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  1. Ah! Your friend’s dog might be the biggest Rottweiler I’ve ever seen! Got to visit Cape Town now. Sure there are more water slides all throughout South Africa

  2. "Do you ever run into snakes out here?" .."Only when I’m looking for them"
    Lol, cool waterslide, could be more insane.

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