SECRETLY Filming DOG & CAT Shelter (VERY EMOTIONAL) The Omar Gosh Vlogs

SECRETLY Filming DOG & CAT Shelter (VERY EMOTIONAL) The Omar Gosh Vlogs


Omar Gosh Vlogs went to an animal dog and cat shelter to see what dogs and cats they had up for adoption. We secretly filmed inside and fell in love with these homeless babies…

Want to adopt one these beautiful dogs/cats shown?
Adopt a pet or donate to the Pinellas County Animal Services location 12450 Ulmerton Rd, Largo, FL 33774
You can also call to donate (727) 582-2600

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  1. This was sad and depressing. To hear those dogs cry and see how many dogs without homes were sad, seems like people pick puppies over older dogs, then when yhey grow up their owners realize that they can’t take care of the dog, so they give it away.

  2. These pets just need some TLC and patience. So many amazing animals available who cant wait to join a new family who cares.We create video documentaries & have been able to complete a total of 12 rescue stories on our own. Our stories consist of individuals and organizations who either rescued an animal or animals, organizations who rescue, foster or adopt out. Go to  and follow our cause on our Youtube Channel Cristian Ruben Animal Rescue Project . Help us stop pet abandonment . Thank you!

  3. What’s up omar I have a great Dane cross Greyhound who is a rescue dog why God beat up with a kane while the rescue people where there to pick her up and she is only 2 year old and has already had a litter of puppies and we have a 13 year old kelpe cross Belgium Shepherd who is also a rescue and I can’t remember exactly what happened to her but I’ve had her for about 8 years now and she’s still staying strong In her old age

  4. I adopted my mix breed puppy a few months ago. She was the only dog not barking. It was about 3 weeks before I heard her voice. Good girl!

  5. This is the reality and it has been for a while lots of these dogs get put down thanks to breeders not all these dogs get homes

  6. The shepherd is actually a malinois. Beautiful dog. Highly intelligent.
    Also, I don’t get the not spayed or neutered thing either. Here in Jacksonville, Fl almost all shelters won’t adopt a dog out without it being done. Hmmm….

  7. When I get older I’m going to go to a shelter and adopt there so sweet and deserve love that there last couldn’t give.

  8. "Do you need a hammer?" Hell nah, Eldad has fists of steel! Hiyaaaa! Karate chopping that wall down! XD Great rescue! 2:15

  9. People need to stop over breeding pit-bulls! If they are just going to end up in the shelter then there’s no reason to do that.

  10. Some shelters lie they say they don’t put the dog’s and cat’s down but they do especially in fort Dodge.

  11. It makes me sad when u ask if they wanna play and then u just walkoff I would take every do and cat out to play

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