Security called on US! Over therapy emotional support service dog!?

Security called on US! Over therapy emotional support service dog!?

After a run in with a fake, we ran into another ‘service animal’. After a friend asked him “is that a service animal” he lost his brain cells at us and proceeded to follow us around before we ran away.

At the food court we ran into him again and we decided to completely avoid him and go left instead of right. He decided to confront us, pointing a camera in our faces and yelling at us. We managed to retreat outside and take a breather where we were then confronted with security!

They told US off for saying anything before telling us it doesn’t matter if it’s a pet, therapy dog or service dog. Apparently rights don’t matter.

This was a lo nag and exhausting day…

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  1. First of all service dogs are for what you use them for (like if you have a medical condition) and not an emotional support and second that security guard was rude. Sorry that happened. I watch another youtuber called "Service dog paws" and she even agrees with the whole "Emotional support dog" isn’t a service dog

  2. So this happened in Canada I’m so sorry that this happened to you in the United States Service animal laws are a little bit different than what they are in Canada regarding emotional support animals under the ADA LAWS here in the United States they’re slightly different just trying to be helpful

  3. I am sorry but this is completely incorrect. The security guards were being jerks about it but ESA and therapy dogs do NOT have public access. I have a service dog and have been attacked by these ESA and therapy dogs that believe they are entitled to public access. Not to say your dogs are misbehaved but that is why places are cracking down on these ESA and therapy dogs. There is also no legit registry in America for service dogs and no national legally recognized registration for service dogs in Canada. Continue to say that these registrations are legit and required hurt actually service dog teams following the law and not giving their money to these scams that mislead the public.

  4. Sounds like this security guard probably fakes his own dog for shits and grins and doesnt give a shit if a bunch of " girls" wanna tell him how to do his job. Pig

  5. I would have raised a literal HELL, If someone choses to follow me and MY REAL service dog, the bitch is gonna fuckin get it. Nobody will threaten me or my real service dog.

  6. Are you in the USA? If you are there is no such thing as registration nor certification for a service dog nor an ESA. ESAs in the USA have 0 public access rights nor do therapy dogs. I’m unsure of Canada’s laws.

  7. Contact mall management because the man was harassing you and following you and security did nothing and then accused you of doing wrong.

  8. I’m telling you right now ya bitch (me) would’ve flipped so much shit on him. And you guys would be behind me like "YEAH"
    Edit: I would’ve called the cops on the mall AND the guys! That’s messed up how they treated you. I’m sure if you really wanted to you could use all of the parties involved in this, he was harassing you, and the other parties didn’t want to listen to you or didn’t want to learn the laws, it was almost as if they were his friends or he goes there often with his pet.

  9. Please call Disability LAW Center 785- 273- 9661. They will tell you number for your STATE Disability Law Center. Tell them about incident they will help you. Its free.GOOD luck. They won case against Wal-Mart etc. Show them your film.

  10. I would raise hell. I’d call that security guy’s higher ups and file a complaint with the ADA for harassment. The fact that YOUR DOGS were the ones barked at and followed and they harassed YOU FOR IT????

  11. Here in the United States under the ADA law emotional support animals do not have Public Access under federal law only service animals do here in the United States emotional support animals or not fully service animals like other service animals are only service animals have Public Access like Mall grocery stores hospitals Etc just letting you know the difference

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