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Unfortunately many nursing care homes don’t provide palliative care. The care homes operated by Select Healthcare Group, a family owned company in England, do provide Palliative Care. Select operates four palliative care homes: Benton House Nursing Home in South Yorkshire, Hilcote Care Home in Eccleshall, Straffordshire, Primecare Nursing Home in Basildon, Essex, and Woodcote Hall Care Home in Newport, Shropshire. These facilities offer their residents far more than just palliative care. Every Select facility offers its residents regular visits from a hairdresser, chiropody, psychological care, physiotherapy, religious services and other services. All residents at Select Healthcare homes have a personalized plan of care designed for them. Select’s experts assess the individual and their needs and devise the best care strategy for them. Such individualized care is what sets Select apart from its competitors. Select is also dedicated to making sure that all of its residents stay as active and have as much fun as possible. To this end, Select encourages residents to keep up with their hobbies and other activities as much as possible. Activities on site include hobbies, games, gardening, baking and reading. If possible residents are encouraged to take walks in the country and to get out of the home as much as possible. All Select homes offer trips to entertainment, shopping in nearby towns, the bingo and many other activities. Nobody needs to remain stuck in the home and bored because they need palliative care. One of the best things about Select is that its expert staff is available to answer questions from patients and their family members. Anyone who has questions about Palliative Care, Palliative care homes or select can talk to Select’s team of experts.Select’s experts will call persons back and try to answer all of their questions. Instead of just dealing with a website families can talk to a caring and knowledgeable person in their hour of need.In addition to care questions Select’s team of experts can help families with all aspects of Palliative Care. The experts can answer financial questions such as what does National Health Pay for and what portion of Palliative Care Home bills will the government cover? They can even help families with the income and needs assessments local councils require before funding palliative care.

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