Select the rare not the popular, you will succeed in your corporate

Why certain animals and some plants are nocturnal while large number of animals and plants are diurnal.  The ‘nocturnal’ animals/plants or diurnal animals/plants are more successful?  How success is defined in animal or plant world?  Survive with least threat and competition is the most powerful definition all the living creatures aspire to have for themselves. 

Can we draw any strong message for the corporate from the above?   The civet cats, the panther, the owl and bats are example for night active animals.  On the contrary, many plants in the arid zone flower in the night as the intensity of the sun is very high in the day.  Due to the high sun intensity, some plants avoid flowering in the day as the flower my die immediately due the heat of the sun and that would prevent the chance of pollination & seed formation. 

If one look into the marvel of evolution, many life forms has learned the art of co-existence, exist as prey or predator, or by many other means.  Some have conceded defeat and got eliminated.  Survival in nature is big challenge to both microbes and the microbes.  One has to compete and win.  In the battlefield of ‘kill and getting killed’ some plants and animals smartly chose to be active by choosing a different time as nocturnal.  Selecting a new habitat may be difficult as it may call for new traits and adaptation.  They applied their smartness by being in same habitat but were active when others fast asleep or in a state of rest. 

Corporate people need to know how to avoid competition, if not, must learn to minimize the conflicts.  How that can be achieved?  Think like the nocturnal animals or plants and devise your strategy.  If you sit and weep, you will never able to find a solution.  If you choose to fight, you may be fighting an everlasting war and it will pay nothing. 

People always believe that only when they are very competitive and fight for their rights, they will able to win.  One need to be very competent not in just fighting, but creating success and that should be the goal.  Avoiding the most ‘popular thing’ and selecting something which is ‘rare’ can offer big success.  All the night active birds and animals have learned the above trick and have achieved success. The message is not that the night active animals and plants have no threat or competition.   The night plants and animals did not chose the ‘day’ widely preferred by many, they chose the rarely preferred ‘night’ to avoid a life not worth living, just for fighting. 

Many corporate employees and even corporate carry the syndrome of only when they learn to fight could survive.  Survival needs smartness, smartness in choosing the right thing at the right time.  Do not placate your faith/destiny or exasperate your energyArticle Submission, think smartly like a ferret cat or owl or a civet.

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