Self employed working from home – What expenses can we claim on our UK tax return?

Self employed working from home – What expenses can we claim on our UK tax return?

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  1. I guess when I was waiting to start my pc repair business, I was given the opportunity to take a free accountancy course which I jumped at. There I was taught about regularly checking transactions, you can do this when you like. My tutor then told us about, she was doing accounts for xyz, and she checked each morning the bank, she had put in a check for zxy but was banked for crazy-zxy, she checked it, informed bank. She showed us a copy of the check. So I kida do my accounts every day. Pictures of stuff is a great reminder. Quickbooks works too. A friend of mine, does his tax returns every 3 or 4 months, he is a freelance radio presenter. He is charged something like 16% vat but he charges his employer 20% vat. I must find out how he does the quarterly thing.

  2. How do you account on a monthly basis for ebay sales, ebay fees and being paid through PayPal. Im used to invoicing as a limited company and the invoices get marked as paid when the money is in the bank – easy. But with ebay selling its not as simple to account for? Also how much should I expect accountants fees to be for being self employed and sorting out self assessment form?

  3. Love the videos have been selling for about 4 month now and I am looking and wondering at what point should I start declaring ebay earnings to hmrc its abit of a grey area and I am just so unsure whether I should be classed as a business dont wabt to be stung later any guidance appreciated

  4. Can I claim on a bean to cup coffee machine that costs 600 notes.. its vital for my day to have decent coffee, I’d expect it if I worked for someone else.. Also what a great video.. would love more and definitley subscribing to Aaron’s channel… also is there a decent quick books online tutorial I can learn from.

  5. Next time you do something like this, do intro video about the event a few days beforehand so that questions can be placed in comments ready for your life show

  6. do you have to have any requirements to claim business expenses e.g amount of time being self employed, yearly profit etc ? reply would be greatly appreiciated

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