1. I am a 100% service connected, permanent and totally disabled Veteran. I was admitted to my local VA Hospital and was told I could not have my service dog as an in patient. I was in a private room with a private bath and I could take him to do his potty and I had his food and supplies. I had to sign out an against medical advice and seek treatment at a civilian hospital. I was told I was not really a veteran because I served post Vietnam but pre 9/11, so my service does not count.

  2. So if there is a training program then why wouldn’t you want to show that proof just to avoid any hassles? How could the public or should the public just be forced to believe strangers are telling the truth?

  3. Service animals r on the ground nit in the shopping carts or carried around. Yes u get real certification ur animal is a service animal. The laws are now being INACTED as if 2019.

  4. ESA’s DON’T have public access!!!! Oh my god, this pisses me off so much. There is almost NO true facts. God, educate yourself before making something.

  5. The thumbnail IS WRONG!!! No, you are not supposed ask "What’s your disability?" I find that rude, if someone said that to me. But THERE IS NO LICENSING!! THERE IS NO PROOF!!!!!Be educated before say anything.

  6. The only two animals that can legally be service animals are mini horses and dogs. It is not just any animal. I wish they were more educated before making this. Then again, I’m only like a minute of two in and I’m seeing false info already…

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