Service Animals in Restaurants — What you need to know

Service Animals in Restaurants — What you need to know

This video educates restaurant staff on what is considered a service animal and the only two questions they legally may ask. If you have additional questions, please contact the LRA Communications Dept. at 504-454-2277.


  1. What about people like me and my kids who have asthma and are highly allergic to dog’s, cat’s, bird’s, horses and all other animals with dander ? It takes only minutes of being in a closed building of any size for us to have severe asthma attacks followed by hives that swell our eyes shut, and allergies that last several days… So where is the law that protects people like us who have real problems that can actually kill us ? I’ve never heard of anyone dying from an emotional problem.. this whole thing is a joke and will be done away with once smart people get involved and explain to these idiots what they are doing to people like my kid’s, me, and the millions of other people with this problem.

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