Service Animals You've Not Seen Before: Snake, Mini Horse & More

Service Animals You've Not Seen Before: Snake, Mini Horse & More

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Meet the amazing animals going beyond the call of duty for their humans.

Ruaridh Connellan
Phil Reader

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  1. Instead of saying “service animals”, why not say “working animals”? You’re implying that any animal can be a service animal, and clearly, that’s not true.

  2. yeah, i agree with all the other comments. the name needs to be changed because not all animals are service animals. Only dogs and mini horses in the US (which this obviously is). Other animals might be ESAs, Therapy Animals, or just working animals; however, not service animals.

  3. As far as the snake goes, I’m glad the guy can use a snake to help alert him to seizures. However, the reason that only dogs and miniature horses are considered service animals is because they have been proven to work in relation to a disability whereas snakes have not. I think this guy should work on proving Beyond any doubt that his snake can alert him to an oncoming seizure so that they will start including snakes as protected under the Ada. If not, no matter what badge he has, A store owner can ask him to leave because it’s not a dog or a horse and therefore is not protected under the federal law.

  4. These are amazing working animals! One note though, only miniature horses and dogs can be service animals in the United States. There are many amazing working animals but it’s important that they are not called something they’re not because it can get the public misinformed. Thank you for the awesome video!

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