1. I love how at the end you were able to have a civil conversation with that worker that thought you were sleeping. I also loved the fact that it looked and sounded like she wanted to know what was happening to you so that she doesn’t make the same mistake to someone else or you again.

  2. I understand that the woman didnt understand but she should have left it alone as soon as she knew it was a service dog. A service dog is medical equipment in the eyes of the law. That’s like saying "maam I know you cant walk but your walker cant be in the store sorry"

  3. My opinion yes the dog shouldn’t be on the couch but the man already explained that she was passed out not to mention the dog must of have a label saying service dog maybe she didn’t see it but should still except that she already got told that she was okay and passed out

  4. Ok. Its a normal reaction for people to check on someone who is laying down in a pubic place like that. You can’t be mad about that.

  5. I get it. The lady was only doing her job, however when someone tells you exactly what’s happening you should step away. I’m sorry you had this happen to you. What matters is that you’re ok.

  6. This is why I wish there were PTSD wristbands or something. I mean, i guess the best that clearly stated "Service Dog" wasn’t clear enough. Leave the girl alone! Her and her dog have as much right to be there as anyone else.

  7. I can’t believe people would think you were “just sleeping” when you have a service dog laying on you, she needs to get it together and not touch uncontious people or get fired from her job. The worker is a horrible person.

  8. ok I may be wrong here but it just barely clicked in my brain. do a lot of service dog handlers have medium sized dogs because they do deep pressure therapy? like you dont want a dog that is too light weight or one that is gonna break your ribs. I dont know much about DPT so i could be wrong. if you use DPT do you have to get the right weight/size of dog relative to you for it to be effective?

  9. Do y’all not know how passing out works? If she leaned over to take her shoes off she could easily fall off the couch and Injure herself. For all any of you know she has something like Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which comes on so suddenly if you don’t immediately sit or lay down you’ll have psudeo seizures. So unless you know exactly what her situation is, keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

  10. 5:45 Have you ever been in the same situation in a store and you were filming one of your episodes and the store employees came over to you and tried to get you to leave and tell you that you couldn’t lay on the floor or on a peace of furniture and have your service dog on you or on the furniture etc? I could see some people question you or someone saying that a service animal isn’t one because of him laying on you like that. It would be cool if you could do a video that explains that and how people in stores should be able to tell that what Max is doing is correct and how people can mistake what he is doing vs a non service animal?
    I’m legally blind and so it is hard to read the text in the video because there is no outline and it blends into areas of the video.

  11. I’m training my dog right now. and i’ve been looking for a good harness/lead. and i’m curious about your leash is snapped around your waist?

  12. I can not tell you how many times I yelled she’s passed out as the woman keeps saying you’re asleep…..BIG difference!

  13. I guess you weren’t touched as a kid. Thats why you’re attention deprived and going out of you way to put nice people on the spot just because they dont know any better. The world doesnt revolve around you and by the looks ofyour videos you do all that on purpose. Just to ‘teach people a lesson’. Wouldnt even surprise me if you’re just faking your condition to get social approbation.

  14. I get you have PTSD but these people were making sure you were ok staff members have to make sure that you were ok

  15. If you are passed out, you are giving implied consent for someone to come administer first aid. If you do NOT want anyone to touch you or attempt to help you, maybe consider adding a sign to your service dogs vest or wear a medical alert statement claiming you do not consent to medical aid. That lady did nothing wrong. It is normal to try and help if you see someone passed out

  16. One of the better ones I’ve seen. She was very apologetic. You’re going to rock that dress and those shoes girl.

  17. I have always wanted a service dog because I have so many fears and having this would help me so much. Obviously when I’m older but ye

  18. Bro those shoes are gorgeous they look like shoes from a Disney princess movie and I bet they make u feel like Cinderella

  19. As someone with many severe anxiety disorders and severe PTSD, I have a SD and if my dog is tasking don’t touch! It doesn’t matter that my dog is 20 pounds and small she is a working dog and you need to treat her like medical equipment!

  20. Hey I know this is personal, but I was wondering what kind of Dysautonomia you have, I have pots. I was also wondering what organization you got your service dog from, I’m looking for a place that can do the tasks I need. Thanks!

  21. I’m not even sure how I came across this particular video but the whole situation…having PTSD and anxiety, being open about it with people so they understand, not to mention filming all of this so people can see what your everyday life is like….it’s fascinating! You’re doing everyone a huge favor by showing what to do (and what NOT to do) with regards to these amazing animals. I work in retail and we get service dogs in our store occasionally and I’ve seen a few at work while I was with my granddaughter. She asked me about why you can’t pet them and we had quite a conversation about it and then I showed her this video. Since then, whenever she sees a service dog she makes sure to not bother the "worker" and she keeps an eye on everyone else so that they don’t interfere. Anyways, thanks for making this for everyone.

  22. Along with the video these comments the support it is making me cry. Enough Internet for today god bless you all. My husband suffers seizures.

  23. She should’ve stepped away as SOON as she saw the service dog’s vest. Seems like common sense. I mean why would she think someone with a service dog would be irresponsible enough to just lounge around. I honestly can’t imagine the feeling of waking up and having a stranger (or anyone) staring you in the face. Tbh not sure why it’s so difficult for people to just mind their own business sometimes

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