1. So how does it feel ?you didn’t speak up when they are discriminating agenst emotional disabled , so what’s good for one is good for the other, there are fakes in support dog owners too, there are emotional disabilities that are real needs too. So what is a person that obviously has nothing wrong, can walk ,is not blind or deaf,can speak, but walks in with a handle harness on the dog ,obviously has something that is "mental, or emotionally wrong, not physical but they are never questioned, it is easy to get one of those handle harnesses somewhere off someone to fake it, ptsd is mental not physical but how many vets are allowed service dogs?it’s not only vets that can suffer ptsd, some one suffering the loss of a loved one can be so shattered that just functioning is hard .if you had had bad experiences with people a support pet can mean the difference in being able to be independent and more social ,this country is inhumane to judge or limit anyone, other countries are more humane ,

  2. I got out of the hospital not that long ago with mine. I could not amagin this happening to me but I also would have went to her room and told there. If you have a problem call the cops because what your doing is breaking the law.

  3. I get it. What if someone is allergic to pet dander….. if someone’s gets sick from the dander they will sue the hospital for allowing the dog inside. No one wins. Everyone so sensitive these days

  4. I feel like license should be made so this doesnt happen. It can easily be carried with the dog. Also these people claiming to have service dogs and dont have one canr abuse the system. This kind of problem wont stop till a agency is made. I dont blame these places to much on asking the dogs not to come in. Mainly because now people have to go by word of mouth in places like hospitals that could put people at risk.


  6. I had the police called on me — the policeman knew us, told the people in the store off. Another time at a different store a woman was following me around (maybe talking to me — I have a lot of hearing loss). She said she’d call the police. In a calm voice I replied yes, she should. I’ll wait right here. She didn’t call. I never went back to either store.

  7. The only thing you can ask an owner
    1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?
    2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

  8. I have EMS-CPTSD-Medical Alert Trained Dog trained by a trainer license to train a dog to task and provide service dog assistance who can’t afford the riddicules $20,000 to $50,000 on a facility service dog. My dog does same things and is registered as a Service Dog, but because she was trained outside a facility by a specialist we get discriminated against and told only Veterans of War, Handicapped and Dogs only trained in a facility are rightful service dogs. But when there is no assistance by medical insurance companies or SS to help none vets with CPTSD/PTSD and we still will have to dish out $5,000 in private training how is it we are ridiculed by women like her who say our service trained dog registered, well behave knows the comands and what to do is not good enough disgusts me. Without my rescue privately trained Service Dog lady I wouldn’t be able to shop during the holidays without having extreme CPTSD Attack, I would be traped and inable to go outside some weeks and function, I suffer night terrors, I suffer attacks that have even caused dizzy spells, bloody nose and throwing up. But keep telling yourselves the only rightful service dog is facility trained ones, and not a rescue turned Service Dog with proper licensed trainers help. Without my dog who lets me know when my sugar drops, lets me know when I’m about to have a severe anxiety attack where I can’t breath right and become disassociated, when I need to talk but have slured speech only two words Car or Home and she knows I can’t move them on my owm out of the trigger place. But here this lady won’t address those home trained rescued turn service dogs and make them out to be fake as if they can’t task unlike her facility dog because she has the$$$$$ unlike like some of us that can’t afford a facility cost. She and many others then put a "Well not trained in facility they are fake, and or just emotional support pets like the ones who’s owners don’t pay $$$ for training them to be certified" Just frustrating. I have documentation my Trained Rescue To Do Service Dogs Requirments As My Life Line, But You Say Only The Facility Service Dogs Can Be Called That……Shame On You, Just because your well off gou discredit those whose rescue dogs that are trained but for less than a facility would charge and can preform Service Dog Tasks, oh but wait not from a facility, yet have proper documentation to prove they do same job as your poodle. This had to stop picking and choosing who gets the right to call their dog a Service Dog. If the dog is properly trained and does what is required, is registered and has passed the tests to be given the status. They are as much a Service Dog and are in control and doing what they need to do then they are a Service Dog!

  9. Mate you will never see this happening in Australia…they are permitted to be allowed in all areas where there owners need to go..

  10. I’m glad that hospitals are training staff about not only service dogs, the importance of the location of assistive devices, too. I’m a stroke survivor and was surprised the nurses made sure I was aware of my cane location, be it in the ER or hospital room. It makes the disabled anxious of "losing" their assistive devices in the hustle and bustle of hospitals, as they need them to move around, and seeing staff recognize that is comforting. It really is about these small issues that makes a huge difference in the lives of the disabled.

  11. No way a dog ever belongs inside a hospital. People have allergies. Dogs shed hair. They defacate and urinate on things.They could be dirty. They could have fleas. They could bite someone and then the hospital gets sued. I’m sick of these crybaby service dog owners that want their dogs to have access to everywhere.

  12. Remember this about dogs and germs. If a dog licks you in the mouth Argggh. Take the dog to the vet immediately. Think about it.

  13. I have a service dog and I tried to go into dollar store and the lady walked up to me and said nope out we didn’t argue we just left it makes me maf

  14. Idiot admits the employees were not aware. That’s not really the problem. The employees are dictator commie pinko thugs. If they would just put their sh..hole leftist ideals aside when they have someone right in front of them who knows the law and is willing to explain it to them, then they would learn. But, unfortunately the left is like that and thus should be exposed to some crowbar education across the knees.

  15. I’ve had a service dog for 10 years. I’ve never once had a problem. I’ve flown, I’ve shopped, I’ve stayed at hotels, eaten at restaurants and have been inside ambulances and emergency rooms, and NOT once had an issue. Maybe that’s my confidence in understanding of the law, or it’s my assertiveness; whatever, just be confident or have a lawyer on speed dial. They can only have 2 questions; is that a service dog and how does your dog assist you with your disability? Get a backbone for Christ sake!

  16. fuck this hospital not helping and healing people but destroy people’s lives by not allowing service animals they mind as well tell people with wheel chairs they aren’t allowed in this hospital. what a shame this hospital doesn’t allow handicap.

  17. I would tell you Hospital you’re violating federal law under the Disability Act of ADA laws and I would explain do you want your lawsuit on your hands for violating federal law

  18. Good for the hospital to refuse entry to that dog! I’m so sick and tired of animal lovers always trying to pass their mutts off as service dogs! What about the rights of people who want to walk into businesses, without the fear of being bitten and barked at?
    It’s not fair to people who fear dogs to be forced to put up with it or be ridiculed by animal lovers for not wanting to be near your mutt.
    Not to mention it’s not fair to restaurant, fast food chains, and grocery stores owners and employees who work their asses off constantly to achieve those A grades.
    Those 4 legged bastards have fleas and are completely unsanitary!

  19. Hospital violated federal law under the ADA Laws a service animal can go anywhere with the Handler except for the operating room in the burn unit shut the daughter is in a regular hospital room then the service animals allowed to go in the mother should have had ADA Laws cards with her

  20. A service dog that detects latex, in a hospital…………HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! I’d have kicked her and the mutt out also.

  21. I had the same problem I the hosp while in las vegas. My service dog was fully vested and under my husbands control when the came to see me my service dog she is a small bichon lying on my bed in my room next charge nurse came with security saying the dog was not allowed in my room I told her she was here before me and showed her the ADA rules on my cell and for some reason I had taken a pic of my dog on my last admit and it showed her on my bed and on the hosp wall the room I was in at the last time nurses names md names my procedures and room and facilities name
    It took me to call the administrater till we got this mess taken care of i stated ok u refuse my service animal I call the news media she backed off
    I wish people and hospitals and MD offices would escalate themself to the ADA rules and not all disabilities are visual

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