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We are a Illinois team. Maddie is a one year old pitbull/boxer while Jackson is a 8 month old pitbull/boxer. Maddie is a multipurpose in-home Service Dog and Jackson is a regular multipurpose Service Dog in training.


ADA laws

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  1. Those three girls in wheel chairs aren’t paraplegic so why tf are they in wheel chairs? If they fake one disability why not fake more. That is my logic.

  2. So because SHE didn’t like what the officer had to say, somehow that was childish? It sure seems like that group of girls went in there looking for trouble.

  3. Entitled professional victims. These are the lazy freeloading crybabies of our society.
    Having a service animal because you’re a professional victim doesn’t give you the right to be a douchebag.

  4. What I don’t understand is why people are opposed to some sort of legal identification for a service dog. Like all it has to do is have some website where a person can put in the dogs Code and bam. Nothing identifying what it does or the medical problem of the person. Also a service dog is more important than an ESA. Which is why even a fucking ostrich can be considered an esa.

  5. People refuse to educate themselves on the FEDERAL ADA laws regarding service dogs! JESUS!!!! SO flipping irritating!

  6. I always feel really bad when people with service dogs get upset at people for petting service dogs and giving them attention cuz I was never taught to ignore service dogs

  7. i hate these videos so much because they exist. my aunt has a SD for a severe eye condition (i also have it but not as severe) and within 2 1/2 days of visiting her, i had children trying to distract, adults going "ooOOH puPPy" and one kid literally ran up to pet her when her vest literally told them not to.

  8. Why do no men have a service dog? Also it does seem a little weird that that girl colored her dogs and dressed them up if there not a pet but medical assistance.

  9. i feel like the third person i think (the walmart worker) genuinely felt bad and was just forced to relay what his manager told him

  10. And on another note there is no reason for you as a handicap person to be so rude…and dog hair does get everywhere…

  11. The way the young lady at the salon handle it was the way everyone should she was respectful and calm and went outside and let the police handle it…

  12. I couldn’t handle the constant attention brought to you because of your service dog.. My PTSD is intense I guess. The Public is too much! People are ignorant and that is permanent in all areas. Just the arguments set me off. Nope!

  13. I don’t know how people sleep at night thinking they were the shit for picking on people with disabilities

  14. The only reason an employee or manager should not let someone with a service dog in is if they’re allergic to dogs.

  15. The problem is there should be registration or like anyone cab buy a service dog vest and walk in, I’m not claiming they do have disabilities I’m just saying there should be proof

  16. This is why i don’t want a service animal people scare me
    And you clearly tell if a dog is a fake service animal according to my friend who has one

  17. I think if I had a service dog, I would go out of my way to always put the vest on so people won’t hassle me.

  18. People need to understand the difference between public and private property. People coming in out doesn’t make it public. If it’s government owned it’s public. If it’s a store or mall it’s private.

  19. Sorry you guys get harassed. People r stupid. But 2 things: 1)would it not be easier to have your service animal wear a vest (I know some had vests on), so that people know without asking that it is a service animal? 2)The girl with the German Sheppard who has her dog in a pinch collar makes me mad. Service animals devote themselves to helping/taking care of you. And to repay them with a horrible and painful pinch collar is just wrong.

  20. Fun fact: Walmart policy does allow Service dogs. If someone disagrees go to the Store manager or a assistant manager.

  21. How did I ever end up here…how…sooo deep in the youtube hole…That said, what made me most angry is that they did not show how the situation with the stupid police guy ended, or how the police kicked the access refusers’ ass

  22. I give props to all these In training and fully trained service dog owners giving the rude people one on them about what they need to learn. I love how they respond thats what I like seeing.

  23. Walmart has so many issues with fakes that they end up harassing the real service dogs and thier owners. IT MAKES ME VERY MAD.

    The gas station place makes me mad because federal law trumps state and store rules; though the lady dosent understand that.

    This woman suki sounds like she is from a Foreign country where dogs could be considered differently; though she should look up laws about them in America if she is running a shop here. I love the Police Officer was amazing

  24. humans have a right to use LETHAL force on ANY dog that gives them the fear of great bodily injury. a growl is sufficient. I use steel capped boots and carry a lead-weighted cane and will break a dogs BACK if it growls or gets in my way,. Keep your animal slaves OUT OF MY FOOD STORES or it will be in grave danger, as well as yourself

  25. Omg you can tell it’s a service dog by how well behaved the dog is…the dog is not moving he or she is laying down…I’m sorry…

  26. Also why aren’t their cards to say you have a certified service dog? It just seems like everything about it is made for confrontation. If somehow they could just prove that then I think their would be a lot less problems.

  27. I don’t care what the rest of you think. The service dog community are a bunch of bullies anyway who act like victims but bully others. in my opinion I think the law should be changed and that anyone with a service dog should have to carry paperwork. There are too many people with fake service dogs, too many people think they are the police, too many people WITH service dogs IN TRAINING who don’t perform their tasks yet because they’re IN TRAINING, but then those people call out other peoples dogs for looking around or barking and saying they are fake service dogs, but when their own dogs bark they claim it’s okay because they’re in training. Everyone should just have papers. I’m so sick of some of you, you people are nasty bullies and I’ve witnessed it countless times. Plus you always show clips that are catered perfectly to fit your narrative, how people with service dogs are just victims and everyone else is the devil. Plus you have a zillion ads. This channel is trash, you control the narrative and use it to your own advantage.

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