Service dog helps Red Sox’s groundskeeper deal with PTSD | SportsCenter

Service dog helps Red Sox’s groundskeeper deal with PTSD | SportsCenter

Dave Mellor’s dream job as the groundskeeper for his beloved Red Sox at Fenway Park wasn’t enough to wipe away the mental and physical pain from being struck by a car twice when he was younger. Tom Rinaldi reports how with the help of a service dog named Drago, Mellor has been able to cope with the post traumatic stress disorder he has been dealing with for most of his adult life.

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  1. It’s funny how of all the creatures big and small, it’s often the smallest creatures that save the mighty humans. I love how dogs make people better people.

  2. Tears are rolling down my face…Shepherds are the BEST dogs EVER! May he continue to protect and love you for all your days 🙂

  3. I know exactly where he’s coming from. My German Shepherd, Thunder, died of cancer last year at the age of 14. It ripped my heart out. I don’t have kids, but he was like my son and my best friend. His death was a terrible time for me, but I would never trade the time I got to spend with him. He brought me immeasurable joy, laughter, comfort, and friendship. I will love him and miss him always.

  4. newsflash… doesnt. and thats not even bringing up the fact there is no correlation to a "service" animal helping with a mental disorder like ptsd

  5. Your dogs amazing Dave Mellor! My hats off to you and your dog and your family. Makes me miss my little dogs too!

  6. We lost my brother to a car on pedestrian accident. I wasn’t even there and I struggled for years just crossing the street without being terrified. I’m so happy for this man and all he’s overcome.

  7. Wonder how many of these people hurt and abuse these poor animals…have heard some terrible stories of these ex-soldiers who do that.

  8. From a Trojan to an Indian, I am glad you are where you are Dave, you make Ohio, and Miami county proud.

  9. Crying was not what I wanted to do this morning but here I am crying and wishing everyone had the love a Drago

  10. If I said it once, I’ve said it a 100 time. These animals aren’t from this plantet…unfortunately, that’s why they don’t live long. They are a blessing.

  11. That’s amazing that the Red Sox is in full support of the service dog, especially to allow it on the field and stadium. I’m seeing now that airlines wont’t let them on planes, even with the proper paperwork. Crazy.

  12. A truly wonderful story. And yes, crying is allowed in baseball. This is the type of reporting (with a sports bent) that ESPN should be talking about more often, please. What a beautiful story, good job.

  13. So glad Dave has Drago in his life, the bond they have is unbreakable.
    I have PTSD and rescued a male GSD, what a difference a dog can make in your life when you have this disorder.
    All the best to Dave and Drago and the puppy who will by now be an adult!

  14. The players fawning over Drago melted my heart. I’m sure it’s a big stress reliever for everyone to have a dog around.

  15. recognition is the first step in getting better and I as many others who suffer from depression know that’s the hard truth. Stay strong brother.

  16. Excuse me, i have to go pet my dog now.
    And imagine being able to play fetch in Fenway, the best front yard ever.

  17. This story made my heart smile. I was in a car accident 10 years ago & got my fur daughter Phaydra in 2012.. She’s not exactly trained for everything only whatever I’ve trained her for but she’s my keeper & knows when I’m gonna have a bad day. We walk everyday on leash only bc of laws but she’s is very protective over me. She loves attention from other animals & humans alike. She knows if someone’s sugar is too high or too low, my husband had diabetes. My mom has seizures & lives 700 miles away but got a boy version of my girl so I help train my mom on how to train her puppers to help her “episodes”. Oh my Phay is a boxer mix but looks like a tan pit bull. People should hate on the supposedly scary breeds bc they are so smart & just need training & lots of toys bc they have massive jaws that love to tear stuff up.

  18. I’ve got C-PTSD from childhood trauma. I would
    be so happy to have a service dog but will never be eligible I guess. The ones who get them are so lucky.

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