1. OK – so it is not illegal for a church or house of worship to not allow service dogs. It is one of the very few exceptions of the ADA law. Not sure I really agree with that but there it is.

  2. Here is lesson from the bible… if God didn’t want all creatures great and small, how come Noah had his ark to save all the animals???

  3. Churches aren’t covered under the ADA so it shouldn’t be surprising. Also I’m going to get a service dog too and I’m going to ask if I could bring them to church and if they say no… Oh well just won’t go.

  4. God created for man an animal that was loyal, loving, caring and brave. This animal had many of the great attributes of God. In fact, this animal was a reflection of God. So he named him Dog. If a church can’t recognize God’s reflection, they will not recognize God. Find a real church if you can. But, enjoy your dog.

  5. There are specific exclusions in the ADA guidelines for churches and other places of worship…


    Specifically, Q34…

    "Q34. Are churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship required to allow individuals to bring their service animals into the facility?

    A. No. Religious institutions and organizations are specifically exempt from the ADA. However, there may be State laws that apply to religious organizations."

  6. Boycottt this church, you can’t just have a change of heart, the discrimination its bs "Not a misunderstanding" Concern of safety is bs this is not a vicious dog, its an $$$$$$$ trained Service Dog and god puts people like them where they belong in Hell!

  7. Surprising that the bible-thumpers and the god-botherers, who are supposed to "Love Thy Neighbor," are the ones who use a legal loophole to ban people from their churches. This holier-than-thou reverend should be aware that that loophole comes with a cost — if a church refuses to allow service dogs, all Federal funds, including funds passed on through the state and municipality, may be withheld. When they lose that gravy train, they’ll run right out and welcome that dog with open arms. Cause that’s what hypocrites do.

  8. Wait I changed my mind. The Pastor is correct. Service dogs should not be allowed into a place where people fear dogs. Of course there are some people who fear Blacks. So they shouldn’t be allowed into those places.

  9. For anyone wondering if it’s legal to take a service dog into a place that bans them (such as a church): yes it is.

  10. Thank God my church loves my Service Dogs, but unfortunately, most Black churches in Augusta, Ga., won’t let you bring in your Service Dog. The White churches are more concerned about your soul than the fact that you have a Service Dog. They are very welcoming

  11. Here we go again about working dogs not pets. Now churches good grief where is people brain working these days. This is awful just awful. I.had to hace a note from.my doctor about owing a dog in apartment maybe they should do.this with service dogs. I need a service dog now but i have to.pay $400 amd up to have one where i live. No thanks wont pay it.

  12. Churches are allowed to discriminate against whoever they want, they also don’t have to pay taxes. It’s not right, but thems the rules.

  13. Churches are not considered public, so they have a right to deny a service dog. Though most Christian or LDS churches do except them. Just find a different church.

    Too bad about some weirdo who MIGHT be scared of dogs! Let them sit on the opposite side of the building.
    As for allergies, screw those people too…..let them sit with the Fraidy Cats Who are so damned scared of this well behaved/well
    trained Service Animal!
    Service Animal is blond?

  15. So…you Churchie types…where (according to Scripture), does YOUR "Spirit of Fear" come from? Either you’re a Believer, or you AREN’T. Maybe you’re just a damned hypocrite.

  16. Hard to believe that one could fear a service dog. But such fears are not governed by reason but something more like instinct.

  17. Double speak and bullshit! Once he said ADA they backtrack knowing damn well they could be sued. He should do it anyway and still go to another church. I’m sick if these hypocritical Christians!

  18. Churches and other houses of worship have the choice to not allow sevice dogs on their property at any time. They are separate from the ADA

  19. churches just like all other buildings can NOT legally deny service animals! they are businesses and are under the ADA law! they can NOT deny you for any circumstances unless your dog is destructing and not acting like a service dog! but they can never turn you away!

  20. Why are you going to this or any church? They are are all f****n hipocrites! You’d think they would let any one in just to get a contribution! Brainwashed heathens! Just be a good person,you don’t need church,they just want your money!

  21. To be honest, the Americans With Disabilities Act as well as all other anti discrimination laws do not apply to churches, synagogues, mosques, or other places of worship (the Catholic Church would have to ordain and hire women as priests if they did apply). I just wish the church would be mindful of people who have disabilities and welcome them as well as their service dogs just like Jesus Christ loves and welcomes all. As far as the church goes, if they obey the Bible and do what God commands, they would accommodate those who are disabled and welcome them as well as service dogs.

  22. Ok churches are exempt from the ADA laws on service dogs. That’s why I don’t go. I can’t be without Snow my service dog.

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