1. If someone got empathetic about my autism, I would say, "Don’t be sorry. It’s the way my brain is wired and part of my personality. I’m socially impaired and sensitive to noise, smells, and touch, but I have my string obsessions that I love."

    If they were being rude, I would use sarcasm! "Yeah, it’s the end of the world."

  2. I am a mother of an autistic child and having a bit of a rough time with a few things. I know not every autistic person is the same but as I don’t have autism I was wondering if I could ask you a couple probably a bit personal questions?

  3. I stumbled across your videos when researching the process of getting an autism service dog for my 6 year old son. The first video I saw makes me tear up every time I watch it or show it to someone when they ask why I want to get a service dog for my son. I wanted to thank you for doing these videos. I never have had any doubts about my sons ability to be a well rounded adult, but seeing your videos kind of cements those feelings. It also raises some questions about my own cognition. Your "you might be autistic if" videos really, really kind of hit home when mentioning sensory issues. I always hated washing my hands and to this day cannot put lotion on. (insert silence of the lambs quote) I have learned to deal with it since I work in the veterinary field and not washing your hands is just gross and dangerous. However, if I have to put on lotion, I wear latex gloves. I never really thought much of this, but after my son’s diagnosis I started to think about it. After seeing your video… yea… there might be a connection there.
    Thank you for your videos.

  4. A lot of people at school have asked me if I have autism. I don’t know why they ask that. I don’t know if it’s because I have a service dog for a different invisible disability and they don’t know it or if they see symptoms.

  5. Them: "You just don’t look autistic AT ALL."
    Me: "Yes. I had the wings and the third eye removed. It was a really serious operation. Took all day. I miss my wings."

  6. I love your videos and love learning more as I am not autistic myself, so if I ever say anything wrong PLEASE tell me. Thank you!

  7. "Yeah. I’m the one that’s socially impaired." is the title of my autobiography. When you said that I giggled a bit. I also relate to the "I knew it was rude but I still answered" scenario.

  8. At 26 I’m realizing I’ve had undiagnosed ASD as a woman. Women usually suffer with autism without anybody realizing because they are so good at empathizing and mirroring. Your channel is making me seriously consider getting an ASD dog because cuddling animals is one of the only ways I can reduce my sensory overload.

  9. Allistic person: You don’t look autistic.
    Me: Oh. Well, I had a unicorn horn on my head, but I had horn removal surgery. If you want to know more about autism and how autistic people deal with society, I’d be happy to educate you or refer you to some credible sources.

  10. Nathan, this is my first time coming across your channel and I already love it. I giggled (empathetically) the whole time haha! Thank you for making videos to spread awareness and help others feel less alone.

  11. I never fully knew what autism actually was (Aspergers) until I stumbled upon some info then I began to be more and more curious then I realized that I was on the spectrum. My only knowledge was from movies unfortunately. Blew my mind and everything that I didn’t understand about myself especially in relation to others made complete sense. I am really happy about it actually. Plus my knowledge helped me to understand that my son is autistic too so I had him tested and he has a diagnosis and supports at school:) I’m pretty sure my dad and brother are on the spectrum as well. Thanks dad lol

  12. Well I’ve never disclosed the reason for my service dog Lucy is Autism, I always says Anxiety or social Anxiety and never get asked another question besides what does she do to help me.

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