Service Dogs IN ACTION! (VLOG 10)

Service Dogs IN ACTION! (VLOG 10)

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  1. I was at the airport once and there was a drug sniffing dog doing his job. The handler had a ball and he was playing with the dog with the ball and then the handler gave the command "work" and the dog stopped playing and started working. I was amazed at how well trained the dog was. Such great and smart animals.

  2. This is incredible . Happy tears from me. Wonderful people superb working dogs. They pay strict attention to their tasks. Working together.

  3. So you bring a dog with you in case your cane or crutch falls down? That’s maybe why you would have ďroped the cane or crutch in the first place. Holding on to a dog, then trying to use a cane or crutch and trying to go out in public. Isn’t too smart. At home fine . But let’s start leaving these dogs at home people. . Most people will pick those things up for you in stores and restaurants. People don’t want to see your stupid animal in public places. You people are sad group.

  4. Hello my name is Yesenia and I have a question, I have mild cerebral palsy and I have trouble walking,and I have a question how can I get a service dog? I live in the city of Whittier. Can I please have some information,thank you.

  5. This is driving me nuts! Calvin was not listening to the girl and was pulling and jumping, behavior not acceptable for a service dog.

  6. I’m twelve and I totally get the friend thing. I’m trans and this morning I’m hanging out with my 14 and 17 year old trans friends

  7. Would I qualify for a service dog for severe anxiety and panic disorder? The panic disorder prevents me from going to school at times and also gives me panic attacks from social anxiety. I also have mild CPTSD. But it would mainly be for panic disorder. DPT, alerting, blocking, interrupting nervous ticks and OCD behaviors? Would that qualify me for a PSD?

  8. I have a SDIT (service dog in training) for my severe anxiety disorder and depression people keep saying I don’t have a "real" disability and "can’t" have a service dog every thing I read online says I can have one I trained her to do tasks like ex. Alert and DPT + many more please tell me do I qualify??? I do not take mediation because I can afford it but my doctor said I can have a service and if I need one so please help also what do I tell people that I do have a disability and need her for panic attacks?

  9. When I move out of the house, I’m getting a service dog. I have sever depression, anxiety and PTSD. I have panic and anxiety attacks almost everyday and the smallest things can trigger me. I also have suicidal thoughts and have attempted to kill myself to many times and self harm.

  10. Unbelievable. We all got stress but most of us sane people don’t require such actions. I wanna make a rhinoceros a service pet then maybe this shit will come to light. Grow up. Oh im sorry my rhinoceros ran over your car??? Its my service pet. AS IF! NOW this person who had his car ran over by my rhino needs a service pet because he has ptsd. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? WHEN DID PEOPLE BECOME SUCH BITCHES?! You never saw this shit back in the 1800s!!!! And they were stronger then this! I DIGRESS! This world is fucked.

  11. I’m a USMC veteran, but live in SC. I hate that your wonderful organization only serves veterans in MD. I have PTSD, anxiety induced seizures & depression. I’m completely isolated in my home. I do NOT go out unless accompanied by my husband or daughter. Problem being is my husband travels frequently for work & my daughter will be going off to college … leaving me alone. I have a doctor’s order for a psychiatric service dog, but finding an agency to help me is proving to be a challenge to say the least.

  12. Ummmm the first little puppy is not a service dog. Wow thats not good its to Yong to be one and i dont think you can have the vest on until its fully trained Sorry but i leave a dislike.

  13. Am I eligible for a service dog for severe anxiety, severe panic disorder making me unable to attend school and not go out most of the time due to fear of crowds. Also for mobility assistance as I feel extremely dizzy for around half a day after a panic attack.

  14. GOD bless those who are fortunate enough to have a service dog to assist them in their daily tasks and for companionship. I know that they are needed. But, in my line of work, I often see people who are accompanied by guard dogs. I have to say that I feel sorry for the dogs because they usually seem sad. Particulary, this one man in a wheelchair who’s dog acts as though he were a prisoner tied to the man and the chair, when he’d rather be out chasing squirrels or a ball. But, I know they are needed.

  15. This is the most unorganized group of dogs I’ve seen. Some of these dogs are so distracted and UNsocialized, like the one who barked at the other dog.

  16. You guys are fantastic. Thank you for all the help you give to the veterans that need it. Hopefully I will be able to get my service dog soon.

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