Service Dogs ONTARIO, CANADA Introduction, Laws, Guide, FAQs & MORE

Service Dogs ONTARIO, CANADA Introduction, Laws, Guide, FAQs & MORE

Wondering about Service Dogs in Ontario? What is a Service Dog? What is a Therapy Dog? What is an Emotional Support Dog, Companion Dog, or Comfort Animal? What rights do Service Dogs have? In this video we will go through a basic introduction of Service Dog laws in Ontario, and some information to familiarize you with everything.

Service Dogs are used by people who live with disabilities. Disabilities could be visible or invisible. Disabilities could have been there from birth, developed over time, or due to an accident.

Service Dogs can do many different tasks, for people with physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, sensory conditions, mental health conditions, and other conditions.

A few examples of what service dogs can do are, opening and closing doors, finding an elevator and pressing the button, carrying grocery bags and mail and other items, picking up dropped items, alerting someone to low or high blood sugar or blood pressure, pulling a wheelchair, waking up someone from a nightmare (some people use service dogs for PTSD and military trauma, for example).

Those are just a few examples.

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