1. Poor animals … having to be forced into captivity and not given a true life they deserve … breaks my heart ! People keep trying to humanize these animals and domesticate them but they’re not domesticated animals! Just makes me sad. So many people are contributing to poaching and the trade and selling of wild caught animals whose mothers were killed just to obtain them and bc of the status symbol or trendiness among celebrities or people at random , more and more people are trying to acquire these wild animals and take them on as pets.
    Keep in mind. Capuchin monkeys used as service animals are “trained “ for about 12 years and only then do they provide limited “service “, working for people for about 2-4 years, before being dumped at a wild life sanctuary to die … which is better than their wild caught or sold for pets counterparts , as those monkeys or apes end up being discarded as soon as they hit maturity , sexually.
    People abandon them or they circulate from person to person to home to home , to cage to cage , until being killed or being dumped into the wild life refugee / sanctuaries and are often so badly psychologically damaged and emotionally unstable , that they can’t truly survive among even the most socialized of their own kind.
    It’s a complete DISSERVICE by humans to subject non domesticated animals to being pets , captive , service animals or therapy companions for the emotionally unstable among humans … it’s just no true life of happiness for any of them.
    Monkeys / apes both are subjected to torturous means by their captors … they are forced into having teeth removed , nails removed and often are neutered with no impact or different effect in behavior, as once they mature their wild instincts will come through , as they become incredibly strong , increasingly aggressive and dangerous to be around humans.
    They carry diseases known to cross species barriers and be extremely fatal for humans .. all monkeys / apes bite and can transmit diseases such as herpes b virus , which is devastating to humans , although the animals can carry this disease with no side effects or noticeable symptoms.
    You see so many people online or around the world trying to take these animals on as pets and essentially , anytime someone does own one , they’re taking from it it’s spirit , it’s natural ways , it’s life .. they lack proper nutrition and are often subjected to metabolic conditions , diabetes, heart conditions and damage to organs where they don’t quite process nutrients in the same way as humans , despite similarities in biological / anatomical makeup .
    Whether to some degree , these animals can seemingly function among humans makes no good argument in defending their being happy or copacetic in a forced human environment.
    Any of the monkeys you see on tv and even in most households , service or pet – are being in some way deprived , depressed , abused , malnourished, fractive and suffer from deep psychological issues , as they’re very very social animals requiring constant attention and contact for the first 6 years or so of their lives , bonding among their own groups ( troops) and requiring close connection and bonding and contact that they get from their mother instantly at birth and continuing into adolescence . Humans can not and do not have the ability to provide or mimic or replace that. They exhibit so many deeply bothered conditions, mentally and emotionally by just being subjected to the world of humans. How could anything that’s required to be caged and confined separate from contact and freedom and the life it deserves and instinctively innately desires and requires be happy in a world where they’re only exploited and used and manipulated and mistreated , to serve humans in whatever way ? They can’t !
    While the patients may agree that their lives and the monkeys lives have balance or peace and joy , that is a very selfish opinion and mindset or observation on behalf of humans who don’t have a clue even how
    To read other human beings social cues and recognize any non verbals or body language , as most are oblivious and lack the ability to pick up on. So how can they be the ones who’s voices are heard , to indicate what’s best for these wild animals or the state of mind that these animals have , while being confined and caged and forced into training and carrying out whichever tasks that they Mimic from human behaviors ? It’s unfair and it’s honestly sick. They’re slaves. They do not snd can not make formidable pets no matter what the dynamic, just as it would be preposterous for a human to allow their own offspring / children to be taken and raised by and forced into a lifestyle of monkeys by monkeys. It would be asinine to even fathom the possibility of THAT being ok , in the slightest and it has nothing to do with the intelligence level of humans versus monkeys … it has everything to do with ethics and what’s appropriate or what’s freaking wrong and everyone knows it but they’re too selfish to consider that bc they only want what applies to and benefits them.

  2. 7:04_that is a bonnet Macaque, an old world monkey a COMPLETELY different species than a capuchin..do they use those too? Ive always seen and read they use Capuchins.

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