Service Puppy's First Week of Training

Service Puppy's First Week of Training

…okay actually first 9 days but close enough.

Introducing Caspian!

New here? I’m Claire, and this channel is a glimpse into my everyday life. I train service dogs professionally, which means I work for a program and handle formal service dog training at our facility. Recently, I’ve become a puppy raiser (See my “Introducing Caspian” video for more info) alongside my current position at the program. Unlike most service dog trainers, however, I have a service dog myself (Percie) who helps me everyday with my disabilities. These are our adventures together; with a service dog, with physical and mental disabilities, as a service dog trainer and as a student. You can find more about us by visiting our Instagram page which @service.angel.percie. Enjoy!


  1. Awwww ♥ You will be so glad you documented this years from now when you look back on your precious puppy and where he started! Thank you for sharing!
    I also must comment on your reward timing – very precise! Excellent!

  2. I love this we just got a puppy we plan on training as a service dog for anxiety, this gave us a great place to start

  3. Hello. I have a puppy, she’s a Wire hair terrier, lab, retriever, husky mix. And I’m trying to make her into a service dog (I’m deaf) but she doesn’t listen much when I give her command and she has a biting problem. So how can I get her attention to do my command and make her stop biting?

  4. I have been training my dog to be an SD and he recently got a hair cut and forgot all his commands except sit. Because every time he gets a hair cut, he is traumatized and doesn’t want to go on walks.

  5. this was so helpful to watch, I just started training my 7 month old puppy a month ago and he’s already learned to sit, stay, lay, heel, and we’re focusing on dpt now and getting dressed & “naked”

  6. when you were training percie to be your service dog, how did you train her when you were a school student? Did you bring her to school with you? Or was she at home while you were at school?

  7. I’m new to training and would like to do it as a profession, once I’m better that is. What is the best collar for a dog that is about a year and a half that is starting leash training

  8. I have a question what is the difference between telling your dog to wait and telling your dog to stay? Also I change my dog that when I give the command she just does it until she is told release so she doesn’t even know a waitress day I was just wondering what the difference between them was though.

  9. My wife is going blind she is blind in one eye and going blind in the other eye I have a 3 month old Siberian Husky I need to get him trained to become my wife seeing eye dog so who can I contact I live in Southwest Detroit Michigan I have him stopping at stop signs and red light I can’t bring him in the stores because he’s not certified how can I get him certified I can be reached at ty

  10. Hi loved the video. I’m getting my German Shepherd in 3 weeks. She will 7 weeks when I get her. How old is your dog and how soon should I start training her. Thanks

  11. I have a small dog a jack Russell Corgi mix and she is a Emotional Support Animal and try to get be my service dog for my needs were special needs adult but wish had help but can’t afford to get anyone to help her and yet i been training her. God bless

  12. He’s so well behaved and listens so well! One mistake I made with my dog is I didn’t start training at this age, but we are doing good so far now!

  13. This was great! One note I would make is that the high pitched super excited voice isn’t necessary and it’s best if you say ‘good’ or ‘good boy’ in a normal tone. Simply because the dog gets used to that tone, and especially for a service dog you’ll be doing a lot of public access training and you want to be understated in training and still have the dog knowing he’s doing a great job.
    Just for those training their own service dogs that aren’t professional trainers. 🙂 Hope it helps.

  14. Love the video! I have a American pitbull terrier puppy that I’m wanting to train. I want him to have the knowledge of a service dog. I don’t plan on using him for that but I want him to be able to handle himself in any situation so we can help change the public view on the bully breeds.

  15. If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you? You seem quite young which is very encouraging seeing as I’m 17 and interested in dog training

  16. I’m getting a 6 week old lab puppy when should I start training my pup to be a service dog recommend age?
    Also any tips it’s my first time training a service dog!

  17. That is the smartest puppy I have ever come across – I thought my puppy was a quick learner! I love your clear your commands are.

  18. I’m thinking of getting a puppy to train to be a service dog because I have generalised anxiety disorder and my panic attacks are horrible, they might even make me faint. How should I start?

  19. My SDiT rarely watches TV, but she gave this one a paws up with her full attention. Hope she learned something.

  20. If I have a puppie from 8week when can I begin training her for service for my daughter Nd how many hours a day do I train for

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