Sharks Jealous of 21 Year Old's Unbelievable Monthly Income | Shark Tank AUS

Sharks Jealous of 21 Year Old's Unbelievable Monthly Income | Shark Tank AUS

Briella Brown, founder of ‘Your Closet’ seeks $80K investment for 20% equity stake – while Briella has shown how to make big bucks with little to no storage space, do the Sharks think she’s worth their investment? 🦈💰

Company Website:

An international sensation, Shark Tank AUS features entrepreneurs pitching for investment in the Tank from our Sharks, five venture capitalists willing to invest their own money in exchange for equity.

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  1. Wth the primary market being parties and proms and weddings and events, I think the sharks failed to ask one important question: what happens if the dress returns with cum stains?

  2. She’s got an aprox EBITDA of 210k ($35K * 12 months *.50) and the sharks valued her business at 200k. The girl used a 2x multiple which was MORE THAN fair…

    Sneaky sharks, shame on them… They should be encouraging entrepreneurship in the country… Not taking advantage of young people with no background in Finance/VC/PE

    Kudos to the yound lady! What an inspiring story!

  3. What I’ve realized is that the Australian sharks care way more about getting money into their pockets than actually helping people out than the American sharks

  4. This is actually something interesting and useful from shark tank, I mean I am a man so if they make this for suits and nice mens clothing I would love it

  5. Lol i dont get her.
    200k in dresses. You make supposedly 34k Monthly × 10month. = Paid off..
    You should of made your money back by now and invested it again in expending. Move slow and humble not rushed then struggle to not fumble. Pass. Amazing idea though

  6. American sharks: your company is overvalued you’re dead to me
    Australian sharks: I have some wonderful sons

  7. this is literally just Rent-A-Swag and Tom Haverford was a big advocate of using any available platform to advertise which is what she did here. Sharks had no idea what she was actually doing.


    පසුව ස්ලීපර් සේවාව එහි ඇති අවතාරයේ සංවේදකය වෙත ආපසු හැරී බැලීය

  9. It is so sad how people are making money off of beauty products and things like that. Superficial beauty is very boring to me. Well done to her, but it would be great if she did something else with her creative brain

  10. Okay it’s June of 2020 and I went on her website and omg they have beautiful dresses!!! Some are in the $300-$1k range for only about $100 something, obviously depending on how much the dress is. Check her out!

  11. I can’t be the only American who wishes American Shark Tank had the same accent as the Australians.

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