Should dogs wear clothes? – CLOTHES FOR DOGS

Should dogs wear clothes? – CLOTHES FOR DOGS

It is increasingly common to see dogs dressed in clothes, however, is it really necessary? Can it lead to
health or behavioural problems? Depending on the breed type and enviroment we can conclude whether a
dog should or should not wear clothes. In this new AnimalWised video we will talk about dog clothes
and highlight a very common question: “Should dogs wear clothes?’’ Keep watching to find out more!

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  1. One of my dog does not like clothes that much. The other one has a thunder blanket/jacket and that is it.

  2. well , I agree with the video : we tend , to see animals (in this particular case dogs) to be like humans… thats not correct… in most cases, dresses are absolutely nonsense…

  3. I have two dogs my small dog really loves clothes she is old and is always cold but I don’t dress her for a show off kind of thing and my big dog wears her vests and boots if it’s cold or very hot she’s a service dog and she’s always liked clothes lol I don’t know why people just dress their dogs for nothing

  4. My dog has a skin condition where her hair falls off every winter and I buy her clothes cause before I started buying her clothes she wouldn’t be able to outside sometimes because it was to cold

  5. My dog loves clothes. It makes him feel comforted. Currently it’s the winter and he doesn’t have a heavy coat

  6. ALL dogs are 99% wolf. Wolves live only in the northern hemisphere. They thrive in cold weather and most domestic dogs seem to love the snow. It’s only hot weather that they need protection from.

  7. I have a thin coat lurcher who shivers in temperatures under 15 degrees and the rain should I get him a sweater?

  8. no. to me, dressing pets along with exposing them on Instagram (because its cute and for the likes) is animal cruelty. clothes restrict pets breathing and movement. animals are made to be clothesless.

  9. When my german Boxer puppy was around 5months old we had her wear a little waterproof, lined, jacket that covered her lower belly well. Since she was completely naked there and it was winter time! I think, as with everything, it just needs some common sense.

  10. At the RSPCA a dog got taken away from her owner because she put clothes on her, I also understand if the dog is shivering on a cold day but most of the time dog clothes are used for looks.

  11. I have never understood why dogs wear colors at home? They can get stuck on so many things and having something constantly hanging or something tight around the neck must cause discomfort. Dogs have died from suffocation because of colors getting stuck.

  12. I have two dogs. I usually buy them clothes in the winter. I go online and buy their stuff from

  13. My dog likes it & when. Its. Very cold out. Side. She’s. Always shivering. & shaking
    & she a short hair dog

  14. You are right . . . some short haired dogs could use a little help when it gets really cold out 😉 ~ 1:40
    Thanks so much for your videos & your voice, and thumbs up as always, Joe 🙂

  15. my maltese is always shaved for the summer bc it so hot so he needs to wear some type of cover since he can get sunburns.

  16. I think it’s mean to the dog cuz they don’t even need them depending on the temperature but mostly the dog probably doesn’t even want them he just stops struggling cuz he knows you’re gonna keep doing it so he just gives in to it to make you happy so that’s just mean people are mostly just doing it to make the people happy not the dog’s but yes sometimes it’s necessary like for the cold

  17. is it abuse to put baby diapers on dogs ? i dont have one yet but i want one to wear one because i dont want the impure poop on the backyard

  18. i have dachshunds and they wear sweaters during snow and ice when they have to go cocker spaniel loves both the cold and the rain no attire needed

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