Show Me St. Charles: Five Acres Animal Shelter

Show Me St. Charles: Five Acres Animal Shelter

ST CHARLES, Mo. — Five Acres has existed at the Pralle Road location for 47years and entered into an agreement with the City of St. Charles to provide care for the animals in the St. Charles City Animal Shelter beginning August 2020. With two locations, Five Acres has been able to expand their care of animals in St. Charles in meaningful and impactful ways.

An essential part of caring for the animals is the reliance on well-trained volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time and talents to caring for dogs and cats at Five Acres. Volunteers help in countless ways including grooming, enrichment, shelter maintenance, and other essential needs. Among the many volunteers are several Lindenwood University employees and students who volunteer at both Five Acres locations. In the fall 2020 semester, Lindenwood offered a course for first-year students in partnership with Five Acres Animal Shelter titled ‘Wags, Walks, and Wellness’.

Lindenwood has selected Five Acres Animal Shelter as their partner for the February LindenGiving initiative, a community outreach endeavor supporting local non-profit organizations in the City of St. Charles. Employees and students will spend the month of February collecting items for the shelter and contributing to Five Acres’ most urgent needs.

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    all pets sweet i hope no killer shelter

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