Simple interrupted suture (wound suturing) – OSCE Guide

Simple interrupted suture (wound suturing) – OSCE Guide

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This video demonstrates the basics of surgical suturing, including how to perform a simple interrupted suture. The video walks through the process of equipment setup, suturing and wound closure.

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  1. Question: should you leave space at either end to let the wound breath so it doesnt get infected, or do you start at the very beginning of the wound?

  2. I was missing the last step until I finally found this video; not many guides mention that you should pass off the needle driver at the end along with the long end of the thread to your non-dominant hand so you can cut it with your dominant hand.

  3. Do you get a new thread after every suture or do you keep using the same thread with that same needle?

  4. Very helpful video, it’s always good to know how to suture, especially in Emergency Situations where your life depends on the seconds, not minutes.

  5. it’s very helpful. thanks for making this video. at least, I’ve known about this early. so, maybe I will pass easily XD

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