'SNITCH AWAY!' – Stephen A. supports the NBA's anonymous hotline | First Take

'SNITCH AWAY!' – Stephen A. supports the NBA's anonymous hotline | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Jay Williams react to multiple tips being placed into the NBA’s anonymous hotline for players who have violated the protocols in the “bubble” in Orlando, Florida.
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  1. If no one else is being harmed, no need to tattle. The very moment, though, that harm happens (or is likely to happen, as it is here), that stops…f*** your feelings.

  2. LeBron: “I saw kwahi, Paul George, Harden,Westbrook, and Giannis leave the bubble to go to the strip club I swear I did”

  3. These NBA players kinda dumb if they think they can sneak out and not get caught … they gonna get caught by someone’s phone and posted on IG.

  4. I swear this world is like the twilight zone. All the sudden grown men and women talking about "snitching" as if they are involved in some sort of gang or mafia. Grow up kids.

  5. Snitching ? Street code? Lol this is basketball, millionaires getting paid millions. Let’s keep this professional, this just reporting. Don’t break the rules and noone can snitch.

  6. If I was in the NBA I would snitch on a star player right before a playoff series because I’m trying to get a ring lmao

  7. I like how during the middle of a life threatening pandemic where any slip up of human containment and exposure could cost all of them and during a time that is highlighted by racial injustice they’re calling it a snitch line who’s idea was it to bring this story up not classy.

  8. Lebron – I swear I saw kawhi and Ghannis and harden all leave outside the bubble.
    Adam sillver- thank you they will be removed

  9. WAIT, WAAAAIIIIIITTTTTT <SIGH>. We can’t hurt each others feeling anymore and now the sports media wants to turn us into a freaking SNITCH……Our society is being lead down an ugly path in my opinion!!!!

  10. Everybody says Chris Paul, but I think the Clippers are the most snitch filled team. PG and Kawhi both have snitchy vibes, you know pat bev gon snitch, doc already said he’s snitching on everyone, Reggie Jackson, Morris, zubac, and Harrell all look like they could snitch if under pressure by silver.

  11. Kabuki Theater and Operation Mockingbird for a Flu. Under 50 have a 1:5000 chance of Dying from Coronavirus. It’s a Farce to bring in more Tyranny. 3 Stooges

  12. Snitching is an essential function of any healthy society. Without it, corruption spreads and thrives.

  13. Stephen A knows that the International Banking Cult Runs Disney ESPN and all the Fake News so he’s gonna Tow the Line and be a good Pawn ♟

  14. Max undermines his own argument when he brings up vaccinations, like they have ever stopped people from getting sick. On the vaccination insert, it clearly states a warning that you may get the virus from the vaccine you are trying to avoid. happens millions of times a year, worldwide. Max needs to stop being such tool of The State. Anything some libtard socialist says he agrees with. What’s wrong with New York is the way Max thinks.

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