SNL Host John Mulaney Finds a New and Improved Pete Davidson

SNL Host John Mulaney Finds a New and Improved Pete Davidson

John Mulaney hosts Saturday Night Live on February 29, 2020 with musical guest David Byrne.

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  1. People wonder why john cares so deeply for pete and it’s pretty simple. John was a raging alcoholic for like his entire 20s and he knows exactly what pete goes through as a comedian and as a person. This was a sweet way to let us know that pete is fine and to please leave him alone. Yul massacred the man over dating Arianna. Mac couldnt even survive that nonsense and can we start blaming her please lol

  2. Pete is getting screwed out of SNL skits and thankfully Mulaney is a friend and has him in more skits this week. SNL come on if u can use Bowen Chang u can certainly use Pete. All Bowen is there for is cheap Asian jokes

  3. Is no one gonna talk about how he zipped up the jacket, but then it magically became unzipped when he said “Oh you know I will”

  4. His Dad died on 9/11 so they let him on SNL then Ariana Grande will fuck anything so he became a big celeb. – bio blurb from Pete Davidson autobiography, Chad is Kinda Me.

  5. That necklace is moving all over his collar, which was annoying at first but PD’s meditation medication vibes chilled me out, it’s all cool cause it shows how many takes this actually took while the dialogue was still smooth.

  6. You know there was at least a second take on that skit. Pete’s jacket is zipped up in the first shot, but is open in the second shot when he turns around. They don’t call me eagle-eye for nothing…BTW, JM is HILARIOUS. Good choice. But, he SMOKES????

  7. it is weird how, at times, someone gets selected to be the it person, despite not being talented or funny. Pete is simply a below average comic, but plays the victim card well enough to get sympathy and for some reason he ends up having success. Wonder when this will be over?

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