SO YOU WANT A PET FOX? – The Ultimate Guide / Animal Watch

SO YOU WANT A PET FOX? – The Ultimate Guide / Animal Watch

Anneka visits a domesticated fox called Zelda who lives with Angie of Fox Angels. Zelda has been bred from ex fur trade foxes purely for the pet trade and is not a wild fox. Anneka finds out everything about keeping one of these beautiful creatures and whether they make good pets.

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of pet videos from different countries. These ones of Animal Watch are the best.

  2. Ummm pls answers this when u get a baby fox with cats when it will grow up will it want to eat the cats…

  3. Petting is bad, it makes dependent animals. All the things humans do to get themselves a living toy is unacceptable.

  4. My God, how sick is that again. There are enough animals like dog and cat, why do you have to cross foxes and have them? What a sick shit you are. Come on everybody!

  5. Dude, what is with this channel? I saw something about playing with wolves and owning wolves and now in my recommendations, I see having a pet Fox? NO! THAT IS A TERRIBLE IDEA! You know what Foxes do? KILL STUFF! A lot more than cats do. Two words, WILD ANIMAL! If you love foxes, leave them alone! enjoy them from a distance.

  6. I hear this exact same thing with EVERY pet owner. "Oh! Its soooooo hard! You’ve got to give up everything!"
    I’ve dealt with a ton of different animals and for the most part, they are chill as hell. A few toys, good food, and a nice environment is all you need to satisfy them. Your undivided attention at times, but they will be fine.

  7. I have a pet fennec fox, raised myself, had her parents as well. Very tame is almost a regular dog. This one seems pretty wild, I love my little girl named Taco., weighs 6 pounds.

  8. My mom lives in Indiana we’re it is legal to own a fox and her fox it nothing like this she has her own room we’re she plays in and she is actually very calm and sleeps a lot

  9. Is this an actual domestic fox from the Russian fox domestication experiment? Or is it just a tame captive fox?

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