South Carolina Puppy Mill Rescue

South Carolina Puppy Mill Rescue

The HSUS’s Animal Rescue Team came to the aid of more than 200 dogs and puppies, along with dozens of birds and nine horses, living in awful conditions at a facility that sold puppies online.


  1. So what is the problem with shutting them down and jail time for the owners. Oh it is the laws in the state fix the laws and you fix the problem. And why did it get so bad before something was done.Sad and pathetic.All talk and no action

  2. It is sad. Tks for helping innocent animals god bless u heartless people keeping in dirty place it is painful to watch now happy they r free.

  3. This is crazy people who don’t really care about dogs need to leave them so people who really care can have them i i can’t wait to work for y’all i really love dogs. And they need to stop getting the dog just to breed that is not right dogs live matter to

  4. The fact that the poor dogs weren’t aggressive at all just breaks my heart. No animal, big or small, deserves that kind of treatment. It’s sickening.

  5. This is so bad and I cry seeing this, someday when I am old enough I am going to run for prez to make this against the law,
    I am getting a dog about next fall and I wanna help these dogs but that would be supporting these people and they are Cruel
    To do this to dogs.

  6. DLM………….Dogs Lives Matter
    how about putting these so called dog breeders in cages full of feces and letting them die.

  7. Dog’s, by default – will give love to all people.
    It’s our disgusting greed and cruelty that turns that love into fear.
    That’s why I never give to any human charities. Period.
    To all the dogs that have had live through the pain WE have caused.
    My most humble apologies. Please forgive us, we are not worthy.
    Thank you.

  8. This has my stomach in a knot. It is difficult that a so called human being can go far down the path. They are like two legged monsters with out even a consciousness. Even a four legged has more respect than this. It is a two legged with their coxis bone hanging out in the breeze. They should pay a very dear expensive for each animal found. Perhaps with a very strict money owed per animal seized in the raid. Perhaps 250. Per four legged or at least $500 per animal. They might think about the cost when they are fined at a high cost to take care of the animal for a year! It would put a big

  9. Essa merda de ser que fez isso nunca pode ser chamado de humano 100 anos de prisão com mil chibadas por dia.

  10. I wanna know what is done to the lowlife scum who run these sickening puppy millls?? Do they walk away Scott free or are they jailed?? Jail is too good for these bastards. The poor animals lead terrible lives, the breeding dogs I mean and their little puppies most likely end up with underlying illnesses due to the shitty living conditions. This is down right cruelty on a massive scale and what happens to these puppy mill owners?? Probably nothing bcos the law doesn’t give a shit about our animals/pets..

  11. God please end all these horrible puppy mills in Ohio we need to close the Amish ones downs hidden in the back roads of Ohio and all states bareric people who do these

  12. This literally kills me . It breaks my heart that people are so cold to do this . No animal should ever deserve this . Even though that is a lot of dogs I would take all of them and give them a wonderful life .

  13. Son unos criminales y cobardes , eso si bien Valentones con estas criaturitas indefensas., y con las personas que fueron a rescatarlos patas la que las quiero . Tanto x decir y la rabia y dolor que me ocasiona verlos . Miserables engendros mal paridos . Asociales ya marcaron su camino . Castigo igual que estas criaturitas y carcel y sin misericordia . No existen para la sociedad pero si para la inmundicia .

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