Starting Our Massive Model 3 Adventure By Road Tripping To Florida!

Starting Our Massive Model 3 Adventure By Road Tripping To Florida!

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  1. YES! 2:18 I always said that every OOS road trip needs to start with Alyssa doing this! Very well edited video – mad props. Love all the tips too. Bleu looks like a lover and attention hound.

  2. Best GRE you’ll ever study for is learning production work for visuals then not being afraid at being picky over audio. Don’t think "we’re going on a road trip!" but instead "Road Trip; The Movie." Million dollar gear can be had for hundreds of bucks now so don’t be afraid to gimbal up, do some panning, frame your shots, try silence, try some drama. Most of my inspiration comes from the crazy unicycle crowd at the moment as they bring you so close to the road while shooting you really get a feel for what’s going on around them in the world of Highwaymen.

    Get to the folks place and start talking "post production editing."

    Whole new World out there today where cinematography is suddenly democratized.
    At what point "Road Trip!" becomes "Adventure" you want for your Patreons to wonder about.
    Be safe.
    Have fun.

  3. Kyle, 2:30 Please look out for a bug with the rear vents that will blow heat instead of cool air. I had this happen several times on a road trip a couple weeks ago. My dog was panting in the back. This has actually been a known issue for 2 years or more. 2018 LR RWD myself and many others reporting the same issue.

  4. Test drove a Model 3 Performance today! It was freakin incredible! Instant acceleration, so quiet and smooth, the handling was really direct and the screen was so responsive and high res and actually a lot smaller in person than on video, was a lot more proportionate to the dash than I thought. It was the best car I’ve ever driven! My next car will definitely be a standard range plus in white with white seats! 🙂

  5. Loving this series. Wife and I are not able to road trip this summer due to age/health related Covid-19 concerns, but definitely enjoying your epic trip vicariously!

  6. Another great road trip vlog!! I’m looking forward to my first road trip, from Austin to Indiana to visit family. I’ve learned a lot from watching your channel and not worried about it at all. Should be fun. Saw that you checked into the Little Rock supercharger the other day when I was planning my trip. I’ll be hitting that one as well. Safe travels!!

  7. Just curious, do you leave the camera on the dash recording the entire time or do you manually start/stop recording when you see something ‘interesting’ while driving? Seems like a lot of footage to scrub through when editing if you leave it going the whole time lol.

  8. Why are you driving in the middle lane when the right lane is empty? Is it because its not mandated to keep to the right in USA? It is here in many countries in Europe though. Its to keep the traffic flowing better.

  9. Love watching your videos. I think you guys convinced me to make a tesla model 3 my next vehicle (although i’ll still keep my 2019 mx5). I do have a question about the low SoC on these road trips. Doesn’t having the battery below 10 % hurt the longevity of the vehicle, since the lithium ion batteries don’t like be near 0% or 100%. Sorry that’s the engineer in me talking.

  10. I am really interested in seeing your range hit with the box on top. I love how you put the efficiency on the screen

  11. One of the best YT vids I’ve seen in a while. Love the road trip vids. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  12. I love seeing the v3 in action! Also at 21:08 that’s some crazy alien tech efficiency lol. All jokes aside thanks for all the charging data!

  13. Love your videos, especially the road trip ones. How are the white seats holding up with the dogs and constant usage? I have a Golden Retriever pup and I am torn between getting white vs black seats for my Model Y

  14. I’ve invited new owners of a Model 3 Performance from Raleigh to follow along so keep the explanations coming for us all. Thanks

  15. Great vid of the trip so far… love the super charger info. Do you know if the ModS has the same rear ac/vent toggle? Not seen that on my S

  16. Nice, too bad all of this T-Superchargers don’t have solar roofs that charge as well as hide you from rain and sun, I don’t get it why they did not think of that all over the USA strange.

  17. 19:02 you’re out with no mask next to someone wearing a mask. Which makes your statement on your newest video that you wear masks around other’s is false.

  18. Man, you guys always make these videos interesting. Now that I have a Tesla Model Y, I might do some road trips myself. Not nearly as long as yours of course, but it seems fun in a Tesla!

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