Stephen A.: ‘There is no gap between LeBron James & Kevin Durant’ | First Take

Stephen A.: ‘There is no gap between LeBron James & Kevin Durant’ | First Take

Watch Part 2:
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Kendrick Perkins analyze the gap between Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and other star players across the NBA.
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  1. Lebron is better than durant …Durant had to go on the most loaded team ever to get his rings….he already was playing with a great okc line up why he never got it done?

  2. Compare KD with AD. Don’t disrespect by comparing him to LBJ. No one in this era is close to LBJ. Only person close or better is MJ.

  3. Kd didn’t earn his championships could win before going to warriors. They were champions before he got there. Lebron has been able to win everywhere he has gone. Lebron is one of the all time greats. Kd is just good.

  4. Who is this guy?? Is he mad that saying stephen shoot is less better than KD?? Man … What he is smoking these days!

  5. You can’t put Kd and LB in the same conversation LB has been the top five best player the last13 years. Could Kd took the Cavs to the big dance without love and Kyrie nope I don’t think so

  6. LeBron James nick name should be EGO ! because he’s not even close to a King ! All the man does is put a ball through a hole and they call him a king for that ! BIG f====== DEAL !

  7. So we ain’t gonna act like KD couldnt take the OKCs to the finals but left and went to the golden state warriors and messed everything up if KD didnt go to the warriors I’d have more respect for them and for KD like the team was already stacked asf but ofc it’s bad lebron went to the heat when cavs was trash asf everytime he was on that team but ofc hes a team hopper

  8. Ppl in these comments hate on lebron soo much its getting sad. Yall hate a man thats breaking your favorite all time greats records. A real winner never goes undefeated they lose some and win some simple as that

  9. When it’s all said n done KD 100% will not be close to LeBron in stats n that will be his only ring he received doing that snake move

  10. Everyone forgets the clutch shots KD was hitting in the finals. Yeah he was on a really amazing team, but if you watch those games you’d see them go down the wire and Time after time KD was hitting them clutch shots.

  11. Everytime I hear Kendrick Perkins open his mouth I know the video is over and I did not miss anything significant.

  12. I like how we just forget defense. What lebron did in the bubble Kd NEVER displayed that defense in the post season in the last 4 seasons

  13. Kang james is goat period kevin is great but not no were near goat status. Keep givin king motivation. Back to back

  14. Stephen a smith only mentions KDs ability to shoot/score the ball. What about facilitating and defense. You can’t measure somebodies ability to carry a team you only can see it. Kyrie Irving is arguably the most talented offensive point guard in the league like KD. But your ability to carry a team or being team leader is a different story. Why is it that the Celtics look better with rozier or kemba who aren’t better than him? It’s because guys can’t run a team KD went to golden state, because he didn’t want that pressure. With those shooters around he’s free to iso and one on one you can’t mess with KD. Lebron on the other hand is a team player and a leader and he’s an elite scorer now. The gap between Lebron and the rest of the league is still wide y’all act like KD didn’t join golden state. Kawhi is another guy who proved Lebron’s gap is wide from the nba, and I respect him too like KD, but if Lebron goes 6-22 in a game 7 and scores 14 points people would’ve went crazy.

  15. It’s funny when they compare Jordan and LeBron they always say Jordan has 6 championships LeBron got 3. Now LeBron and KD LeBron has 4 championships to KD 2 " No Gap "

    They always minimize LeBron’s accomplishment . Fck it.

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