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Whether a single professional, couple, or family can have biological children or not many people recognize the tremendous need for abandoned children to find safe, healthy, loving homes and a family to call their own. International and domestic adoption, in particular, allows this secure and legal family implementation for these precious children, but there are several steps that have become necessity. These same future parents, who look to adoption, see the need that the agency system has for helping the birth mothers in making a sound decision for their children. The screening process across the board is just a part of the reason why adopted children are so special. And that is why future parents continue to take on the necessary procedures in order to complete the process and invest in the time it takes to bring home their baby because they believe whole-heartedly that he or she is worth it. The adoption process actually begins by joining an agency. Domestically, from there a family is asked to complete three important steps that help them prepare for the adoption process and become active agency members. They must complete a family profile, questionnaire and read all provided information to the satisfaction of the agency. Once they have returned all documentation, a social worker is sent to their home, where the agency is licensed to do so, for the home review. After they have successful completed their home review a family media specialist will be assigned to them to help them complete their profile with the agency. The adoptive family can share their background, profession, hobbies, and information about their other children if they have any. The next step is the official activation pending fee payment. At this point there will have been an application fee, a home study fee and an activation fee. Only one other fee will be accessed after the adoptive family and birth mother have been matched. As far as the activation, however, this means that the adoptive family’s profile can be viewed by all birth mothers entering the system or already in the system. At this point the adoptive family will just be waiting for a match with a birth mother, which varies from family to family. The process of placement predominately focuses on contact and documentation completed through the adoptive family and birth parent specialists. But once the baby goes home with the family, the agency can perform follow up visits, depending upon the policy of the agency. The more thorough the company, the more secure both parties can feel about the entire process from beginning to end.

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