STOP Feeding RAW Food To Your Pet!!

STOP Feeding RAW Food To Your Pet!!

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Current knowledge about the risks and benefits of raw meat–based diets for dogs and cats:

Additional Easy to Follow Resource About popular myths Surrounding Raw Food Diets:

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I have a Bone to pick with feeding your Pet a Raw Food Diet! Tag along as I go over a brief overview of the risks and benefits of feeding a raw meat based diet.

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  1. Dogs evolved to scavenge cooked foods that humans left behind, soon thereafter humans started interacting with these wolf-like dogs

  2. Well dogs eat their own poop because their food lacks ingredients that they need, even if you found a brand that says it has something, no brand has everything a dog needs. They might have some key differences from wolves yes, but that doesn’t mean that a raw diet is wrong or bad for them, I think it does them good just depending on the pieces of the raw meat they get because there are some parts of an animal that could harm them or do them some good. The person on that website might have a piece of paper to say he or she is educated but that doesn’t mean they actually know what they’re talking about.

  3. Hmmm my animal nutritionist must be wrong about my dogs diet! She made me a raw meal plan based off of my dogs weight and age. My dog is now 13 years old and my vet at first wasn’t very happy about my switch to my dogs diet but after 1 year of the diet, my vet always says that the raw diet has done great for my dog! Also about deficiencies, there’s something called supplements. This video is so funny to me because it’s a bunch of B.S!

  4. An experiment was performed in which wild wolves were presented with cooked meat and raw meat. Their preference for the raw meat spoke for itself.

    Raw meat heals.

  5. @Andrewwoods are you trying to convince us that predators aren’t supposed to be eating raw food but human madr kibble…..GTFOH with that ish

  6. I feed my dogs raw I live in Kathmandu I kill my own chicken, buffalo, and duck I pick my vegetables go the my uncles rice plantation get my brown rice and then some vegetables and fruits like carrots berries. Most of these are low sodium and he lives for 12 years a German Shepherd

  7. One of my dogs has had so many problems with his bones and kidneys because there was simply no food that would give it everything it needs.Then I discovered B.A.R.F.Since I feed my dog this way it has been much healthier and it rarely needs to go to the vet.

  8. Listening to this pretentious "millennial" is like listening to a Monsanto "scientist" screaming that Roundup is safe. His points can be rebutted with a lot of verified facts out there easily. Do your own research and don’t listen to this "dude".

  9. Notice he said…"commercial raw food diet"….grant it, that is the most easily accessible for people…i mean those who live in the city don’t usually go out to hunt and sometimes there are those that live in the country that don’t think about going out to hunt just for their pets…but uh…what happens when SHTF?? what are you gonna feed your pets?? pretty sure that the kibble factory isn’t gonna still be running then…just saying…there is more than just the "commercial raw food diet"… there is also the prey diet…yes there are risks to catching wild animals. they could have diseases also but isn’t every day a risk?? i mean…just a few years ago…Purina came from some other country and it was killing off our pets…or was it another type of kibble? i’m not saying i know everything..l don’t. but living is always a risk when you’re and animal or human. LIFE IS A RISK you take it by the horns and live the best you can people are gonna do what they think is right. It is the choice of an individual.

  10. Raw food is better then anything look up the barf diet biological appropriate raw food you sound like your right and have done your research but need to do more research fish oil and raw bones are good for them just get good quality stuff. And there are more recalls on dry food then raw

  11. God you are you so irritating. I am sacred for the pets for a upcoming vet like u. No wonder why vets are becoming more corporate rather than guiding the right and doing their actual job

  12. This vet student is only showing raw HAMBURGER in his video,…which has the MOST surface area contamination possibility from all the exposed surfaces! I’ve been feeding a beautiful feral male cat for 4 years with FRESH stew beef or brazing beef, and it HAS to have at least a 3 or 4 day to sale expiration date left to go on it! I freeze daily portions of it immediately, and feed him a freshly cut thawed out portion for the morning of his feeding.

    Truth be told it HAS to be fresh OR he won’t eat any of it! Cat’s aren’t as dumb as this Vet makes them out it seems 🙂 ,…as I’ve even tried feeding him "freshly" ground hamburger,… and he won’t touch it either!

    Nothing in his hunted wild prey EVER came in ABC form ("Already Been Chewed" (or even ABCD form (Already Been Chewed & Discusting! 🙂 is the reason I think. For those days he doesn’t come around, the stew Beef is too OLD for his fussy palate, and I cook it up for the night crew of Raccoons, Possums, and Skunks mixed in with their dry dog or cat kibble.

    I also always have a quality dry kibble out, and mix up some fresh chicken livers but they’re kind of messy fully raw, and he prefers them a bit firmer at about "half cooked" which still maintains lots of nutrients. I make sure he has a bit of pure Taurine mixed into his drinking water also,….just to make sure he’s getting enough. Most commercial cat foods have minimal Taurine amounts, so the pure Taurine is a good supplement. Someday I may even get to PET him, but for now I’ll settle for his satisfied (eyes squint / closing and sometimes naps nearby 🙂 ,…and watching him really enjoy his catnit sock rolling all over the grass.

    Tigger’s his name,…and RAW MEAT’s his GAME! (and probably the ONLY reason he doesn’t go after the 25-30 gray squirrels that come around also. Joe T Ti Rod Tactical

  13. I’m not taking a side…

    But I know at least one of the vloggers mocked in the introduction is a practicing veterinarian with years of experience…. I would remove clips of veterinarians touting raw diets in the introduction mocking raw food…

  14. Swap out cat for human and this is the same s**t they tell us every day, and get us to eat their cancer causing crap foods and other things.

  15. Seeing as how you have decided to share your seemingly uneducated opinion on animal diets, I feel the need to point out a few key facts to people. 1. Cats have extremely efficient and acidic digestive systems, meaning a protein meal only takes a short 12 hours to pass through, this doesn’t give bacteria much time to become a problem. 2. If you purchase human grade meat from reputable sources, you minimise the risks of bacteria. 3. Parasites that may be present in raw meat are killed when frozen. 4. Provided you aren’t an idiot and do your due diligence, you can feed your animal a well balanced diet of raw meat and not compromise their nutrient levels by types/cuts of meat you use. 5. If your cats enjoy minced meat, buy fresh steak and grind it yourself. The process in which meat is minced allows for a rapid growth of bacteria. For humans this is not an issue as we cook and kill them. 6. Your pets are more likely to have nutritional deficiencies if you feed them boring dry kibble every day, or a can of wet food. Do the right thing by your pets, and just be informed. Go online and check out what nutrients they need, and how much they need for optimal health. Do not EVER feed your pets something you are unsure of. Animals cannot digest many foods humans can safely consume, and can often be deadly. For example, something as simple as onion could kill your pet. DO YOUR RESEARCH. if you can’t be bothered being properly informed, well….that means you can’t be bothered being responsible for a life, so don’t get a pet.

  16. This guy just make people who feed raw food to dogs more credible. This video is like him saying- keep eating cereal with marshmallows and sugar every morning it’s healthy. WRONG!! And the FDA is the biggest liar!

  17. He literally says in the video , just make sure you cook the meat for your pet. Didn’t say start feeding them dry food, didn’t promote any sort of brand of dry food.

    yet thats all the comments are talking about. You people are demented.

  18. I feed all 3 of my dogs raw, always have always will, their teeth are crystal clean, their health is absolutely astonishing. Why do you think dogs teeth get disgustingly yellow if you don’t brush their teeth when eating kibble? It’s literally feeding them poison, feeding raw has been proven to be an excellent source of feeding. Raw diet isn’t just “ground hamburger” it’s much more than that, dogs are not meant to eat kibble, no animal should

  19. How would you like to eat cornflakes for every meal … every day of your life?
    Because … when you feed kibble, that’s what you’re giving your dog.
    Imagine the boredom of the same food … day in, day out. 
    Not to mention the fact that the nutrition is so poor. (Remember they used to say there was more nutrition in the box … than in the actual cornflakes?) 
    So it’s easy to see why this makes my list of mistakes dog owners make.
    Here are some reasons you should stop giving your dog kibble:

    Kibble Is Fake, Dead Food!

    Kibble is processed at high temperatures. The heat kills what little nutrition there is in the original ingredients.
    So they add in a bunch of synthetic vitamins and minerals … then they can call it “complete and balanced.”  
    Synthetic vitamins and minerals aren’t well absorbed by your dog’s body … and can be harmful long-term.
    So the result is … kibble doesn’t provide your dog with good nutrition.

  20. You are fucking delusional dr. Wannabe! Everyone that switches from kibble to raw has 100% positive feedback and dogs are happier and healthier on raw

  21. this guy is working for dog food industry apparently. my shih tzu dog just turned 3 yrs old has the shiniest coat and is extremely healthy has been eating raw food his entire life. his waste is smaller then if he ate regular dog food. and really doesn’t smell. he wont even eat the other stuff. i give him some vegetables pumpkin and sweet potato and some fruits blueberries cranberries. along with bison, lamb and turkey. he loves it

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