Surprising Homeless Dogs with Thanksgiving Dinner!

Surprising Homeless Dogs with Thanksgiving Dinner!

Wait until you see all of there little faces when they realize Thanksgiving is for all them. Thanks Experian for sponsoring this Barksgiving video. Click the link below to boost your credit scores instantly for free!

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Big Mamma is going to get her new name, Goliath the Great Dane has his first ever pumpkin pie dog treat (And table surfs all his friends meals) and Tonka’s eyes light up so big you can’t help but laugh. Just like family dinners at your place Barksgiving is fun, sometimes funny and always filled with love!


  1. I love how you Take care of the dogs in my uncle actually takes care of two great Danes bigger than me I just like watching your videos and please give me a shout out

  2. ok not trying to be nasty or nothing but when he was like she’s a dog that make babys and i was like that 9 YEARS i know u be getting it sis.

  3. I am 14 and my mom is afraid from dogs , I dreamed of getting a dog but after all this pets having cancer ,I will not get my first dog (I needed a dog because I do not have any friends so… hhh)

    My life is ruined hhh

  4. I really wish that I could adopt a dog but I don’t have I’m an 11 year old boy end why can’t my dad won’t let me

  5. Hi my name is piper I am eight in a week about to be nine and I would want to do that what you always do too because I love dogs and I have threeChihuahuas

  6. Hey Rocky? Can you do a little cooking show on how to make good meals like a thanksgiving meal, for dogs who can’t have grains or chicken?

  7. Big Mama kind a looks like pretty there’s this dog she’s just like her we’re just a little Chunkier and a little taller that’s it like they look exactly the same when I first watched this video well before this one before I watch this video pretty was gone from the backyard and then I was sad because I was friends to play with her and then I was like let me just watch A video so I watched this video and I was like did rocky Kanaka still pretty but then the next day pretty was back

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