Talking Cats | Funny Pet Compilation 2018

Talking Cats | Funny Pet Compilation 2018

MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW. Enjoy this hilarious compilation of a bunch of talking cats! You may not be able to understand what they are trying to say, but they fully expect for you to give them exactly what that are asking for.

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  1. I love kitties . My kitty talks alot too and is an all black girl kitty 3 years old sweet naughty and a good little kitty and I love adore her she s helping me get through my depression with the cronavirus and she helps me feel better !

  2. cats are incredibly clever I know they are just animals, but they understood we communicate with noises, so they developed their own noises to communicate with us, ofcourse any cat can meow, but they usually don´t use it when they meet other cat, instead they use it with us

  3. And the saddest part is this is just sad sad I’m ganna do it lol I believe in fairy tales so much and I can’t get a life that’s them

  4. Cats are fascinating creatures. Never a dull moment when they’re around. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know a thing about felines.

  5. The first cat looks kind of like my kitten who just came up missing. He was named Noir, but I called him noo-no

  6. Totally not a bra in the background at 1:44 haha my cat makes that noise when she sees a bird outside and she’s inside on the windowsill and she wants it that’s why they make that noise

  7. That girl scratching that cats bottom while it cleaned itself. She kept thinking it was gonna grab her hand. Lol i wonder why. Maybe it can be a fussy little sht. Lol.
    The cat in hallway sounds just like my kitty calling her kittens after we gave them away..the poor dear. Siamese? Pretty..yes but they would drive me nuts.

  8. My Cat knows how to say the name of everyone in my family! He can also say "I love you", and when he wants food, he says "now!"

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