Terrified & in pain.. Puppy amazing transformation after rescue! #2020 Pray For #Austraila

Terrified & in pain.. Puppy amazing transformation after rescue! #2020 Pray For #Austraila

#2020 Pray For #Austraila

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ♥

Mahatma Gandhi

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An animal rescue group or animal rescue organization is dedicated to pet adoption.

These groups take unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets and attempt to find

suitable homes for them. Many rescue groups are created by and run by volunteers,

who take the animals into their homes and care for them — including training,

playing, handling medical issues, and solving behavior problems — until a suitable

permanent home can be found.

►Rescue groups exist for most pet types (reptile rescue, rabbit rescue or bird

rescue), but are most common for dogs and cats. For animals with many breeds,

rescue groups may specialize in specific breeds or groups of breeds. For example,

there might be local Labrador Retriever rescue groups, hunting dog rescue groups,

large-dog rescue groups, as well as general dog rescue groups.
Animal rescue organizations have also been created to rescue and rehabilitate wild

animals in inhumane situations, such as lions, tigers, and cheetahs. Many

organizations are dedicated to saving wild animals that are used as sources of

income in zoos, circuses, and other cruel circumstances.
Widely recognized as an umbrella organization for animal rescue groups,

Petfinder.org is an online, searchable database of more than 13,000 shelters and

adoption agencies across the United States, Canada and Mexico. The American Kennel

Club maintains a list of contacts, primarily within breed clubs, with information

on breed rescue groups for purebred dogs in the United States.
Animal shelters often work closely with rescue groups, because shelters that have

difficulty placing otherwise healthy and pet-worthy animals would usually rather

have the animal placed in a home than euthanized; while shelters might run out of

room, rescue groups can often find volunteers with space in their homes for

temporary placement. Some organizations (such as Old Dog Haven) work with older

animals whose age would likely cause them to be euthanized in county pounds. Each

year, approximately 3-4 million cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters due to

overcrowding and a shortage of foster homes.

►In the United Kingdom, both shelter and rescue organisations are described using

the blanket term rescue, whether they have their own premises, buy in accommodation

from commercial kennels, or operate a network of foster homes, where volunteers

keep the animals in their homes until adoption.
Kennels that have a council contract to take in stray dogs are usually referred to

as dog pounds. Some dog pounds also carry out rescue and rehoming work and are

effectively rescue groups that operate a pound service. Some rescue groups work

with pounds to move dogs to rescues. By law, a dog handed in as a stray to a UK

pound must be held for seven days before it can be rehomed or euthanized.

►Widely recognized animal rescue organizations :
♥ Animal Aid Unlimited, India
♥ Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel
♥ Vet Ranch
♥ Animal Rescue Corps
♥ H.O.M.E Animal Rescue
♥ Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters
♥ International Animal Rescue IAR
♥ the Dodo
♥ Wildlife Aid
♥ The Humane Society of the United States
♥ AMA Animal Rescue
♥ Sezar Sanctuary
♥ World Animal Awareness Society
♥ Cordylobia Anthropophaga


  1. This is amazing I’m so thankful that you have saved him I wish I could meet you in person. I have been watching every video every day 3:46

  2. Guys, please support our channel, we have just started developing it. We will be glad to see You in our subscribers. Thanks

  3. This give me so much life especially when seeing someone being so happy to see the pups. Like that corgi swimming. 5:12

  4. 하루종일 같이있으면 시간 진짜 잘갈듯ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ조용할 1분1초가 업네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2:52

  5. I was on the edge of my seat until I saw him playing. That was when the tears slipped out. Ordinary people working miracles everyday! Love your team. 1:54

  6. Q triste ver la realidad de muchos animalitos q no corren la suerte de encontrar a personas q les ayude a salir de sus situaciónes tan duras y difíciles para ellos. Dios bendiga a todas esas personas que se apiadan de esos seres tan especiales

  7. Chega a comover a alegria dos bichinhos depois do resgate de uma vida sofrida por causa da maldade humana. Que Deus abençoe e proteja muito esses anjos de resgate

  8. Ive watched your rescue videos and im loving the way you say “halo” to the dogs, so pure and gentle and im sure paws knew that youre just trying to make friend with them. 5:39

  9. 라브라도 한마리도 털이 어마무시한데 …아아아아아아 ㅠㅠ 기엽지만 눈물이 줄줄.. 5:19

  10. So many people will be mad at me but my dog escaped my back yard couldn’t find him for a month but during that time he got bigger and his collar got imbedded I cared for the cut and I never use collars again my poor dog suffered an I still feel horrible for all the pain he went through

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